1. Home & Family Why is it that I can not speak with a supervisor about my service problem. In 9/13,I purchased a refrigerator from a Louisana Sears for my vacation home there(where I am now). About a week or 2 later, the refrigerator was not functioning right. I called for a service person to come out. I was told that the service call would be 10/10/13, along time but I agreed to wait. When I made the purchase, I gave them my cell phone number and the La. address. I have called customer service at least 3 times to make sure that they had the correct contact info. Today is 10/10th, the serviceperson did not arrive because they said they could not reach me, even though I was at the house all day. The service person and customer service were calling my wife's cell phone and my Tx home phone, even though I had repeatedly told them that the appliance was here with me in La! When I called to complain, I was placed on hold for 15 mins., when I asked to speak with a supervisor. After calling back a 2nd time, they at first wanted to give me another appt several weeks away. Now, they are suppose to come next week. I cannot fully express my frustration with trying to get a service call done. Writing down the correct contact info is not rocket science. My family has over 30 yrs history of buying Sears products. I do not feel that Sears values customer loyalty. What type of training is done with personnel so that info is relayed correctly to the right department. Right now, I am very disappointed with Sears customer service.

    contact number 7** **2 **** screen name La.connection phone # used to look up acct was 2** *** ****