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  1. Home & Family I recently had a professional install of a gas dryer in central NJ that needed to be converted to propane. It is a $229 install. The professional left my house with a gas leak that I was suspicious due to the smell that night but then very concerned the next day. From experience, a gas leak could be a very dangerous situation so I was deciding between the fire dept or gas company. I certainly didin't trust the original installers to be involved. The gas company confirmed the leak, shut down the gas to my house, fixed it, and then brought all gas appliances back up. I had to pay the gas company for this service. Called Sears to get some type of compensation since their installers are responsible. They told me "NO" since I should have called their customer service department. REAlly?! Is Sears in the emergency services business? Isn't that a big liability? Why wouldn't Sears take responsibility and at least reimburse me for the cost to have their major mess up fixed? The total of the install is now more than half the cost of the dryer.