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  1. Home & Family Good morning. I've got a Kenmore 630.1630 dishwasher that does not finish it's normal wash cycle. It remains in the final rinse/drain cycle with 0:01 showing (for hours if I let it). I have used the cancel drain (china & rinse buttons) to end the cycle on more than one occasion. I've timed the cycle and noticed that the clock will add time somewhere in the final 30-40 minutes of the normal cycle. I've cycled power at the main breaker (off for 10-20 seconds) and attempted normal washes with no change in results. It drains properly. When I force a cycle to end (after the normal amount of time - 1:45 for a normal wash) there is not the expected amount of heat (as I have come to expect based on several years of past performance). I've toggled the option ON for additional drying heat per the owners manual. I'm thinking that this is likely a control board issue, or a heater relay, but I'd like your opinion as to what else it might be - what else should I be looking for? Thank you.