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  1. Home & Family Where is my refrigerator????!!! You guys said you were going to deliver TOday DEC. 14 from 7am-11 I paid $70 for the home delivery specifically for it to be delivered on a weekend which is Todayyyy. EVen after I spoke to a representative confirming my delivery.Your warehouse dept and manager had no idea my shipment was for today..?????!! Hello?? I paid for haul away/installment, and home delivery for which is suppose to ship today. I am very Upset. Customer service is terrible. They cant even speak proper english. Keeping a customer on hold for 15 minutes and counting now. I feel so screwed over. THanks SEARS! by the way I normally am a very friendly person but just today I clearred my schedule just to wait for this shipment to arrive thanks for ruining my day. So YES I hope this feedback gets your attention! BTW, just looked your sears up and saw horrible delivery service. If you want to serve customers better fire the people from your delivery service and hire people who actually care about delivering ON TIME!!! PIECE OF **** Customer Service! FINd people who speak english and know how to market your customer service better. THanks for not delivering my refrigerator after confirming delivery for today. I mustve spoke to 5 different representatives. The warehouse dept promised me delivery today and then you guys dont deliver. That is outrageous. So now I have to inconvenience my schedule to wait another 24-48 hours??!!!! GEESH. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR EMPLOYEES OR hire People that will actually work! instead of hiring people slacking off at your company!! I DONT know why you are waisting employee paycheck when they arent even working or delivering CUSTOMERS items ON TIME!!!! Sears doesn't care about their customers, representative known as Jello cant even speak proper english on the phone. I mean really. You guys promise me a delivery today and it doesn't get done. WHat else is there? I look up yelp and obviously its not only me that is saying you guys have the worst delivery. Obviously your warehouse aren't even working!! I am def not a happy customer. By the way, I hope you know that I have great referrals for other companies and definitely after todays experience of ordering from sears, so far my experience has been the worst yet. So thanks For really screwing me over after carefully clearing up my schedule for today!