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  1. Home & Family Am I going to receive a call or e-mail? or should I not wait for any follow up?

  2. Home & Family I bought a pool table in sears.com last week, but before I buy it, I called SEARS to make sure the EXPENSIVE delivery is going to be able to put the box in my basement since I have medical issues (US NAVY VETERAN) that prevents me to lift heavy things. After SEARS confirmation of my delivery to my basement, I proceed with the purchase. On the delivery day (TODAY) the persons that supposed to unload my pool table from the truck refuse to put the box in the basement, so my wife called right away to SEARS to solve this issue. Somebody from SEARS spoke to the delivery guy and told him to put the box in my basement, and he just hand up on the SEARS person and take off without telling anything to my wife and WITH MY POOL TABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. MY WIFE HAD TO CALL ONE MORE TIME TO SEARS TO SEE WHAT IS GOING ON HERE! The lady at the other end confirm to my wife that we are not going to be charged for the delivery (WE CAN’T EXPECTED LESS THAN THAT AFTER WHAT JUST HAPPENED) and we have to wait for a call to confirm a new delivery time (PERHAPS, NEW DAY [WHAT A JOKE!!!]) MY WIFE CALLED AGAIN TO SEARS TO SEE IF THEY HAVE ANY UPDATE. Well the update was: WE ARE GOING TO BE CHARGE FOR THE DELIVERY ($70) AND PERHAPS WE ARE GOING TO GET THE POOL TABLE TODAY. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE??????????????????? I AM SOMETHING THAT OTHER COMPANIES CALL A CUSTOMER, AND ME AND MY FAMILY WAS TREATED TODAY AS TRASH, FOR THE DELIVERY COMPANY AND FOR SEARS. HIGHLY DISAPONTINTED WITH SEARS, AND I’M NOT GOING TO FINISH WITH THIS POST IF THIS ISSUE GET RESOLVED RIGHT AWAY.