1. Home & Family I have had a problem with my side by side fridge since June 22, 2013. The call was easy and the 1st repair person came out July 12th, 20 days lead time. My freezer was making noise. The repairperson was very nice, but said it was working and he could do nothing and that was that. July 17th we called again this time to say with the funny noise the food was defrosted and there was a puddle on the floor, repair came on July 29th. Again nice guy and the same story, I cannot fix it it does not seem to be broken. Called again Aug 3rd there was a part ordered and shipped...part arrive Aug. 7th and they came Aug. 22. This is a long time without being able to use your freezer and have no ice! Aug. 22 parts were replaced, 4 parts circuitboard control, control damper, evap motor and a socket. Total repair value $579. We were thrilled that we would have a working fridge. We put in for a food loss, which we could not do until something was repaired...it did not matter that we had lost the food. On September 27th this whole cycle started again. Oct. 11 we had repair back again...still the noise and the defrosting ice cream when he said there was no issue. Oct. 12th we called again to say there is still an issue. The folks on the phones are great, all of them. The appoint was for a new repair person and he came on Oct 23rd and replace a relay at the cost of $244.79. We called again on the 25th because on the 24th we had the same problem. The repair person is coming this afternoon. All we want for our extended warranty is a credit for $$$ for us to go get a new KENMORE side by side! We are almost 5 months into this and it is beyond frustrating! ALL the people have be so nice, someone just help us please!!!The Regan's Waltham, MA