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  1. Home & Family Our refigerator died. Due to miscommunication the part was ordered. It turned out that the repair exceeded the value of the Whirlpool unit. Thought we canceled the repair but the part showed up anyways. The repair tech took the part and left a reciept SO 41254832 on July 3. As of today, July 22 there is still not a credit on my card. We were also told that the service contract sold to us at 279.99 would be refunded (less the service call) and that has yet to show as well. I have called several times and each time was transfered to a different dept to only find them closed. At this point, I am out nearly $500 with nothing to show. My faith in Sears is pretty much shot. At least I have a reciept if I need to persue legal actions. Sears, are you willing to stup up?