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  1. Outdoors Any plans to continue expanding the Triangle Tools selection?

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  2. Saving Money Why is the regular price for some "Hot Buy" items hidden from everyone?

    7 answers
  3. Saving Money Why do the Sears circulars say "sears.com" on them if the offers inside are for in-store only?

    2 answers
  4. Saving Money Some of your customer service reps don't have access to the weekly Sears ads.

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  5. Saving Money Why is Sears & Kmart blocking coupons by permanently labeling products as "Hot Buy"?

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  6. Home & Family Who is responsible for Craftsman Club coupon errors?

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  7. Saving Money When Sears and Shop Your Way disagree with each other, which one is correct?

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  8. Saving Money How come sale prices in ad circulars are longer valid on Sears.com?

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  9. Saving Money Why is customer service clueless about Sears sales events?

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  10. Home & Family What kind of training does customer service receive?

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  11. Home & Family Why is there no easy way to deal with a wrong item shipped to me?

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