1. Home & Family A faulty installation of my Sears washer/dryer IN MARCH resulted in a massive flood which is only now being repaired. This has been an unfunny comedy of errors from the beginning. Today, I am trying to reach Sears' local delivery office at 757-4**-****. I have spoken with Greg there before. Today, the phone goes to message and I've left two already with no reply. The repair crews are ready to begin work MONDAY MORNING and I need to have the old washer/dryer (Sears has agreed to replace) moved out so they can begin the work so the new washer and dryer can be installed. I can raise no one. The advocate is "dealing with an issue" and will be back in touch later, but if past is prologue on this issue, I will not hear from anyone and the office will be closed tomorrow. Can you please raise someone in that office and make arrangements for this machine to be picked up tomorrow so that the work your installers caused to be required can be accomplished? I have already received my first bill for the machine that is not yet in my possession. I would appreciate some help with Sears credit on that since I don't intend to start paying for an appliance I don't have.