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  1. Home & Family where can i see a samsung modeL RF197ACRS refrigerator

    Hi rfezko! It looks like JulieK and BlueCrewGuyInMA have got you covered, but I'm happy to help as well if you have any questions about this or other Samsung products. Have a great day! - Ms. Samsung
  2. Home & Family I bought a top of the line Samsung front loading washer/dryer set from Sears a few years ago. I've tried every product and method to eliminate the smell the front loaders have. I'm over it. Does Sears have any trade-in programs? I'm looking for just a good ol top loading set with no rubber.

    Hi Mctunc, I'm sorry to hear you're having an issue with odor in your washer. In addition to the advice that BlueCrewGuyInMA offered, I would add that some Samsung models available a few years ago …
  3. Home & Family samsung refrigerator leaks water into the water dispenser area after getting ice

    Hi wendys, If SHC-BillW's suggestion doesn't resolve the issue, it's possible the refrigerator needs to be leveled so the ice chute aligns correctly with icemaker opening, preventing warm air from …