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  1. Home & Family I have had the worst experience trying to get my washer repaired. Washer started leaking and making loud noises. Technician came out and within a few minutes another technician showed up. Needed two replacement parts. Parts came in and installed two days later washer leaks again. Another technician comes out and says the seal was put in wrong and a new one put in. Told to wait 24 hrs then start using washer. Waited longer than 24hrs to use washer. Washer started leaking again. Technician comes out today and again has to call another technician. After banging around for an hour I was told they have to order the same part again and it should be installed on Friday. I voiced my frustrations and all that could be said is basically oh well. They didn't even clean up the mess they made. Fifteen minutes after leaving the technician calls and says I now have to wait until Monday for him to come back. Another week without a washer and having to go to the laundry mat. This is ridiculous. It cost me $30 this past weekend to go to the laundry mat