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  1. Home & Family What’s happening with my order? 483722279? I created layaway order in March for refrigerator and washer dryer and other stuff work more than $4000. I’m trying to pay it off early and get them delivered as soon as possible for last 2 weeks but the online system will not allow it. At the moment I have paid off 4355.57 all but 1 CENT less than the full amount but the sears will not allow me to pay that 1 cent to schedule the delivery? I have called online customer care about 20 times but all of them keep giving different answers as no one wants take a decision or responsibility. Can’t you get your systems straight just to process an order or if you know there is a system error at least give 1 cent credit and complete and process the order?? Advice to the everyone out there DON’T BUY FROM SEARS JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE ABOUT $50 CHEAP GO WITH SOMEONE ELSE WHO CARE ABOUT THE CUSTOMERS.