1. Outdoors SEARS BUYERS BEWARE!!!! I live in Park City, UT. Sears came in with their "we are Sears" story and charged me 23k for a new roof that had leaks. Sears told me I had to replace me roof, which would solve the leak problem. Sears charged me a ~30% premium but assure me it was for peace of mind "you know we will always be there to fix and problems". They came in installed a new roof, but screwed up everything from gutters, flashing, nails left in the roof, snow melting cables, electrical outlets, etc., but to cap it off the roof is leaking worse than ever. I now have major water damage. I called them a millions times, posted on Facebook and 2 years later they escalate to their executive offices, which after 3 months of biweekly calls ended up with the same Utah contractor who did nothing … big surprise. They then charged me an additional 2k to “fix” the snow melting cables. The contractor came out with $30 cables that he bought at home depot when I confronted him on the scam, he then came back with other cables that he installed incorrectly. Another 3rd part contractor came in and reconfigured them but I now have silver nails on a black roof with nothing attached to them. At the same time Sears offered to install a steam humidifier for an additional $2k and last years the faulty humidifier drained 250k gallons of water above out normal usage, which forced the water company to come pay a visit. The water company fined me for excessive usage of water and their engineer shut off the humidifier telling me it was the worst setup he had ever seen and that there was “no fixing this installation”. Sears has never stood by their guarantee and has not remedied the situation. The 30% premium was a rip-off and the sales guys that pitch that story to me are no longer with the company.