1. Home & Family Sears unethical and unprofessional. This is for customers to know what to expect when Sears takes your money and won't return it. After various lies and promises to contact you, you will eventually receive an email saying before they return your money you have to send over a bill. Then you will send that over a few times, but they "never" get it. And you will still be without your money. Way to do business Sears. Best chance of receiving something will be filing a lawsuit, which is in process.

  2. Home & Family Do not shop at Sears. They steal your money and will lie about refunding you. It has been over a month since my purchase, which was advertised but not in stock. After several calls and email promising a reund I still have not received one. I recently got asked to fax a bill even though my giftcard was suppose to be here a while ago. I would shop anywhere besides here.