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  1. Home & Family Bought a LG refrigerator, which I was very happy about, but delivery is HORRIBLE. You know how your sales rep gives you all the paperwork, including a bulleted list of what you will get with sears "professional" delivery. Well, scratch all that! The delivery company is the least professional people I've ever had to deal with. They refused to remove the fridge doors to bring it into my house, even tho we had specifically requested that. Instead they opened both fridge doors (french doors) and slammed it into the house. They broke the storage bin trays, the fridge is all scratched, they dented the walls and the entrance... Now I have to wait for a "technician" to come see the damage and order replacement parts and also open a case with sedgewick for the damages to my home. If sears wants me to rate my experience, I say I will NEVER again buy anything from sears.