1. Home & Family Sears Customer Service, Please forward this to the complaint department, preferably to a Supervisor or Manager. I went through a few different emotions in the past 24 hours. 1) Optimism - I received notification that my dryer had come in at 7:06 pm CST September 10th. 2) Joy - I picked up my dryer from Sears at 5:00 pm CST September 11th, set it up (she looks great) in my garage with beautiful weather, and prepared to let her rip. Making sure she was level was one of my top priorities. 3) Surprise - when I pressed start it made a horrible noise on the inside. I opened the door to turn it off immediately. I went through the troubleshooting guide and found it's possible for it to make some noise since its the first time. I checked to make sure she was level again, opened and shut the door, and turned it on again. 4) Terror - The dryer started up and made the same screeching, gears rubbing, friction type sound. It stayed on for 15 seconds and shut off. I opened the door, shut it and tried to start it again. Nothing. I unplugged it from the wall, waited 10 minutes, made sure door was shut, plugged her back in. Nothing. I repeated this 2 more times. I plugged up my 'old dryer' and it ran until I opened the door to stop it. I unplugged it and plugged the new one back up. Nothing. 5) Anger - I called my Sears at 512-652-4800. I went through a voice activated prompt, that seemed to want to make me more angry by not understanding English. I finally made it to the Warranties area where I was told that the call traffic was heavy and I was in line to speak to someone. There was music or something for about 5 minutes, then it sounded like someone picked up. "Hello, Hello", I said. Nothing. I waited 10 more minutes on silence and then I was hung up on or disconnected. 6) RAGE - I called back and went through the same thing. I'm going to be honest with you. I need a dryer. I need a dryer that functions. It's Wednesday night, so I already know how this is going to end - and I think that's where the RAGE comes in. You won't be able to make it until next week. I really can't get anymore upset than I am, not because I don't want to, but because I have a heart condition. If I stress anymore about this situation I might make myself sick. So, I decided to write this while I worked out. I think it is benefiting us both that I am writing this in a calm manner. What I would like for you to do is call me as soon as possible to discuss where to go from here. I want someone out to my house no later than 9/12/13 at 2pm CST tomorrow to ease my pain. This experience is ruined and there's nothing that will make me 100% happy. I just want my dryer to work and I would appreciate it if you could accommodate. I've also sent this to a few other email addresses, filled out the 'Contact Us' form, and have heard nothing back. Thank you, Paul