1. Home & Family We are loyal Sears customers - always go there first, and usually make major (and lots of minor) purchases there. Appliances to date: 3 refrigerators, 2 washer/dryer combos, 2 ranges, 1 washer, 1 dryer, 3-4 house vacs, 3 shop vacs, 1 a/c.. Anyway, last week, needed a new washer and dryer. This experience was not what we expected. We were so disappointed. We ordered a top load washer; the confirmation email said "your front-load.. Is being delivered tomorrow .." And it got worse from there. We always order delivery with installation: they have the expertise and the manpower, so why risk damage to the heavy appliance and injury to ourselves? But this time, they didn't install the leveling legs to the dryer, or the water line for the "steam" cycle.. We're supposed to do that? Disconnect the dryer, turn it on its side (they say it takes two people), and put them in? Hopefully connecting the water line is easy. So what installation, exactly, did we pay for? And we paid for "haul away" of the old unit too but they didn't have room in the truck so they're coming back, supposedly, on Sunday. I really hope they do. It's sad when you want a company to succeed and they just don't seem to be doing very well. Did I mention that we had to pick a different brand of washer because (supposedly) "Maytag doesn't make a top loader anymore"? I don't think I believe that but they wouldn't be liars, too, would they?