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  1. Home & Family I have tried 5 separate times to return a microwave - oven combo purchased on sears.com on July 17, 2013 and installed on July 28. The unit does not cook evenly and makes a loud noise. On three occasions, after being placed on hold for a long time, I was promised a refund, and an appointment was scheduled for an installer to uninstall and pick up the appliance. On all three occasions, the installer called and said that he could not perform the un-installation. No refund has yet shown up on my credit card despite being promised by Landra on 8/26/2013. The most recent service number was 1677166. The original order number was 534085078. I need the unit to be uninstalled and picked up and my refund processed. Please don't tell me to call another 800 number, only to be put on hold and to have another bogus appointment set. I am a long term Sears customer with other Sears appliances, but this may be the last time I shop with Sears unless I can get this return done.