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I have been a technician for over 35 years, and have experience working on everything from trash compactors to washer and dryers. I was a lead technician in laundry, dishwashers and refrigerators. I have lived and worked in Europe for 11 years. I have worked on radar and air and ground launched missiles. I use a combination of expert knowledge of appliances and common sense to provide solutions to home appliance problems. I have been an employee at Sears for 18 years. Professional Degrees and Certifications: I have attended Texas Tech, University of Maryland, and ITT Technical Institute. I have Sears certifications in Appliance Science, Appliance Electricity, Tractors and Riding Mowers, and Water Conditioning Products. I have attended many Sears factory training classes and electronics training. I am currently taking Aviation fueling and GPS navigation courses for pilots.

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  1. Outdoors I'm having a very difficult time getting a riding mower engine replaced. The warranty department can't find anyone to come install the engine we've had sitting in our carport for weeks now.

    Hi WantmyMower, You do seem to be having some trouble so I would suggest you call Repair at 1-800-424-2047 and establish a service date from Sears and if the tractor or mower was purchased from Sears…
  2. Food & Cooking What is the Model number for a Kenmore Elite Freestanding Electric Range with double ovens with the original Model number 2298003 purchase in March of 2008?

    Hi jmddad, I am sorry you have been given a less than direct answer to you question. Please allow me to help you out with this problem. You provided the item number 2298003 and after I converted it…
  3. Outdoors Last evening the ground drive belt for my Craftsman Tractor broke. I do not blame Sears or anyone for that. In ordering a replacement belt the Sears Online parts order system would not allow me to select either Priority or Expedited Shipping. I need this belt now because I use this tractor for snow removal. Both Parts Direct and Customer employees did their jobs as I am sure they were trained, they read the scripts off their computers. I NEED THIS BELT NOW NOT IN EIGHT DAYS. THE US POSTAL SERVICE, UPS, FEDEX AND ALL WOULD BE DELIGHTED GO TO YOUR DC AND GET MY BELT TO ME TOMORROW AND I WILL BE ABLE TO CLEAR MY DRIVEWAY. WHY IS IT NOT POSSIBLE TO USE OTHER CARRIERS TO MOVE EXPEDITED PARTS. WHEN IT COMES TO CUSTOMER SERVICE SEARS GETS AN F.

    Hi Ceb4825, I am sorry you cant get faster shipping but what I found in ordering a belt for a tractor I was offered 3 day service, which I feel is great and there should be a whole page on the sears …
  4. Home & Family My stackable kenmore washer needs to be replaced. My kenmore dryer is in perfect running condition but I'm being told I need to purchase a brand new set to make it stack once again. Does anyone know a washer model that will be compatible with my kenmore elite dryer? So I can avoid having to purchase a brand new set

    Hi FortFun, When you have the technician out tomorrow he will be able to determine if the new washers source 110 will fit under the dryer that you have. I will say that most of the new washers are n…
  5. Food & Cooking The racks in my Kenmore Elite oven continue to fall out. I have been burned from them falling with the slightest weight on them. I read here there are many others with the same problem what is the fix for this issue in your product?

    Hi ngrowe, If the racks can't support the weight of the stuff you would place in the over the warped liner must be replaced. I would recommend you have this completed by a qualified technician becau…
  6. Home & Family My kenmore elite front loading washing machine has stopped working. It is not powering on. Was thinking it might be a fuse or something like that but I can't find a reset button. I've flipped the breaker and checked the outlet which is working fine. Help!!

    Hi Moonruled, I am sorry you are having this problem with the washer, Here is what I would recommend you do, unplug the washer and take a lamp and plug it into the same place where the washer was plug…
  7. Home & Family My craftsman garage door opener will not close with remote, only if I hold wall button down. Light blinks ten times whats wrong?

    Hi TaylorChae, I am sorry to hear you have a problem with the garage door opener but if you have to hold the inside button down to get the door to close you are having a sensor problem. The sensors …
  8. Home & Family I have a Kenmore Elite Dishwasher and the High Temp light doesn't go on when I push it--is that okay?

    Hi kevin1921, the Hi temperature wash is for certain cycles and operation of Hi Temp Wash is , Select this option to increase the water temperature during the wash portions of the cycle. Hi Temp Wa…
  9. Home & Family I have a ice make in the door of my French door fridge. The ice tray is upside down like it emptied and never inverted back into position. How to i reset the tray?

    Hi Mpepe34, Scott has supplied you the best answer, but can test the icemaker by holding in on the fill button located on the icemaker, for 3 seconds and the I/M will cycle. If it does not cycle the…
  10. Outdoors Hey Mister I bought a Floral Outdoor Swing green, and it doesn't have any assembly manual. How am I suppose to put it together for my wife?????

    Hi RazBerrie, The swing assembly instruction can be gotten by calling the number for the Service Center Toll Free No. 1-800-585-9969, 8:30am-4:30pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. Hope this he…
  11. Home & Family Old craftsman Garage Door Opener - Works with the wall switch but not remotes. The green light on the wall switch continually blinks.

    Hi AndyPok, The GDO wall switch is hooked to the overhead control by 2 wires and there may be a loose connection at either the overhead or the wall control. To reprogram the wireless control use th…

    Hi MarthaEvan,You would need to go the the sears.com home page. On the Left hand side select tool from the drop down box and select garage door openers. There you can shop the selections until you f…
  13. Home & Family I have Kenmore Elite refrigerator with the icemaker in the door that has stopped working. I have tried turning off and starting again, but the water does not seem to be flowing into the tray. I thought there was a way to reset it, but I cannot remember how to do it.

    Hi jaynesbitt, the issue of the mold heater not working is to determine if the module works by self test. If the unit will cycle the rest is easy, you simply replace the icemaker because there are n…
  14. Home & Family Craftsman garage door opener Problem with both remotes and keypad

    Hi Home350wner, If you have checked the items listed above the Fred has mentioned the board is likely the problem and to assist in the replacement of the board here is a link, http://www.youtube.com…
  15. Food & Cooking Elite 790.78872400 gas range control panel needs to be replaced

    Hi derba, The f-11 is for the keypad which is called to overlay. You could remove the rear panel off the console and remove the control board. Do this after power is removed by unplugging the power…
  16. Home & Family My craftsman garage door opener will not close with remote, only if I hold wall button down. Light blinks ten times whats wrong?

    Sometimes when the sun is shinning on one of the sensors it becomes blind. take a empty tissue or toilet cardboard roll and tape to the sensors over the lens and then realign and test. Yes and the p…
  17. Home & Family My craftsman garage door opener will not close with remote, only if I hold wall button down. Light blinks ten times whats wrong?

    Hi Mandinka71, The sensors are the problem. Here are some tips to check to determine the sensor and the fix to the problem. Inspect sensor wires for a short (staple in wire), correct wiring polarity…
  18. Home & Family Craftman Garage Door Opener (Model 139.53910D) does not work with keypad (Model 139.53754-01). What is the problem?

    ChenXia, if the car remote work then the keyless pad is supported. However I would recommend that you deleate all the memory on the overhead and reprogram the keyless and the car remotes back into th…
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