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I have been a technician for over 35 years, and have experience working on everything from trash compactors to washer and dryers. I was a lead technician in laundry, dishwashers and refrigerators. I have lived and worked in Europe for 11 years. I have worked on radar and air and ground launched missiles. I use a combination of expert knowledge of appliances and common sense to provide solutions to home appliance problems. I have been an employee at Sears for 18 years. Professional Degrees and Certifications: I have attended Texas Tech, University of Maryland, and ITT Technical Institute. I have Sears certifications in Appliance Science, Appliance Electricity, Tractors and Riding Mowers, and Water Conditioning Products. I have attended many Sears factory training classes and electronics training. I am currently taking Aviation fueling and GPS navigation courses for pilots.

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  1. Home & Family New LG refrigerator - door panel not lighting - can't access water, features, etc. Worked, then stopped

    Hi LynneGG, I am sorry tou are having problems with your new refrigerator. From what you are saying the display panel may be in the lock out mode, this depends on the model. Another issue is the th…
  2. Home & Family kenmore 362.75321001 broiler stays on after shut off until gas valve is turned off, when the vlalve is trned back on gas is still coming through the broiler orifice.

    Hi DJO2, I am sorry you are having this problem with the gas valve not sealing the incoming gas off. There are 2 things that could cause this type of problem. The gas line crimped nearly completely…
  3. Home & Family So, I am told the HE front loaders only use 11.2 gallons of water. How in the world would that work to get your clothes clean?

    Hi Lisa666, I was following this thread and from what you have said your washer is needing to be cleaned. The problem with front load washers is that they need to be cleaned regularly and this will h…
  4. Home & Family My 10 years old Kenmore refrigerator top freezer so cold you see white air flowing out when open door, but lower refrigerator temperature just cool but not cold, I can feel cold air flow down from vent in back, but still can not make low friger cold, seting is on high already, any suggestion.

    The return air is behind the crispers in the bottom of the refrigerator. To see the returm air vent you may need to remove the crispers. But you say there is cold air entering when you open the refr…
  5. Home & Family My 10 years old Kenmore refrigerator top freezer so cold you see white air flowing out when open door, but lower refrigerator temperature just cool but not cold, I can feel cold air flow down from vent in back, but still can not make low friger cold, seting is on high already, any suggestion.

    Hi mbbe, It sound to me like the return air in the refrigerator section is blocked or clogged up. The air you feel entering the refrigerator from the freezer must circulate and the vents in the bott…
  6. Home & Family Why is my Dryer vibrating?

    Hi 45Janet, the reason for the vibration depending on the model number could be caused by an incomplete leveling of the dryer. More reasons is the drum is incorrectly seated and rubbing on the front a…
  7. Home & Family ice build up on floor of freezer under ice maker

    Hi chuckwheat, The ice under the icemaker is from the icemaker. It could be overfilling slightly or it could be leaking from the water fill valve. These issues are going to leave a icicle hanging f…
  8. Home & Family H2 washer creates wrinkles during wash cycle that the drying will not take out. Help

    Hi Ols171, Here are some tricks to use when using the washer, Remember the faster the clothes are removed from the washer and the dryer the less wrinkles set in while laying the bottom of the basket…
  9. Outdoors I have a Craftsman push mower model 917.376395. Yesterday it started idling very low and then a bang like I ran over something and shut down. I am unable to start it again. Pull the cord and the blade seems to turn but seems like the engine is not turning. Any thoughts?

    ljwagner,If you pull the rope and there seems to be on compression, remove the spark plug and use a screwdriver and have someone slowly pull the rope and try to determine if the piston is moving. It,…
  10. Home & Family I have a Kenmore front-loading automatic washer model 796.4027. The warm and hot water cycle does not warm or get hot. How do I fix this so the warm water and hot water cycle perform as the cycle is meant to work?

    Hi Aleg, The washer is not showing an error code is it? It would look like tE in the display. That would be a thermistor error code and this would require service. If you checked the temperature…
  11. Outdoors I have a craftsman garage opener with remote about 7 years old. Everything was working fine and then one day the remote on the wall does not light up so I can not open doore by remore.

    Hi Pomelo, The wall remote has its power from the control head hanging from the ceiling of the garage and since you say your handheld remote is not working, it would seem the control head is not work…
  12. Outdoors My CRAFTSMAN Rotary Lawn Mower 550 series Briggs & Stratton Engine Mod. # 917.384420 wont't start.

    Hi boomer57tux, The breather hole is what you are refering to and what Fred has stated is correct. The bowl if fill and the pressure you apply is pushing the fuel out through the breather hole. The…
  13. Food & Cooking Hi. We have a kenmore electric oven model number 7909642940c. It's been over two hours since we turned the stove top off but the light is still on. What can we do?

    Hi 37skyview, If you refer to the hot surface indicator or element light the best you can do is to trip the circuit breaker for the range and wait 5 minutes. If when the breaker is reset the lights …
  14. Outdoors I have a craftsman 1/2 hp garage door opener. I can not sync my keypad along with my two garage door clickers. I can either have the keypad working and not the 2 clickers or the 2 clickers working and not the keypad. I cant have all 3 working at once. Help

    Hi craftsman_client1, What was the result after you disconnected the keeless wall pad. When you press the learn button on the overhead control and press the remote button did the overhead light flas…
  15. Outdoors How much torque to put on the head bolts on a high wheel weed trimmer?

    Hi skyesweet, The proble is that the hi wheel trimmer has been motored by a few engine manufactures and I will need the model of the trimmer to look at the engine technical sheet for the motor on you…

    Hi ronsloan, If this is a lawn tractor if would sound like the drive belt is broken or off a pulley. This would also apply to a powered mower, like a walkbehind. To be certain and get you going in …
  17. Outdoors could you please send me the exploded diagram I have the model 358.791140, I replaced the throttle cable, but now when I pull the gas lever, the cable sticks and runs fast idle, is there like a return spring that came off? thank you for your time. jeff

    Hi, jlsiowa, Yes it sound like a return spring on the throttle is off. If you manually pull the gas lever to the idle position, that can be the problem. It would be called the trigger spring up by …
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