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I have been a technician for over 35 years, and have experience working on everything from trash compactors to washer and dryers. I was a lead technician in laundry, dishwashers and refrigerators. I have lived and worked in Europe for 11 years. I have worked on radar and air and ground launched missiles. I use a combination of expert knowledge of appliances and common sense to provide solutions to home appliance problems. I have been an employee at Sears for 18 years. Professional Degrees and Certifications: I have attended Texas Tech, University of Maryland, and ITT Technical Institute. I have Sears certifications in Appliance Science, Appliance Electricity, Tractors and Riding Mowers, and Water Conditioning Products. I have attended many Sears factory training classes and electronics training. I am currently taking Aviation fueling and GPS navigation courses for pilots.

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