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  1. Home & Family I will NEVER user Sears again for any home remodeling projects again! I want the CEO's email and phone number.

    Hi katec0042, We understand how your bathroom renovation has caused you to be disappointed and upset and we agree the length of time it has taken to be completed and the lack of follow up communica…
  2. Home & Family Who can I call with my displeasure when my refrigerator was delivered and now a day later I can't get the warranty honored because the system is down?

    Hi dohernandez2000, Thank you for posting to inquire on how to voice your concern about your new refrigerator warranty, we certainly understand how honoring warranty coverage is very important. My…
  3. Home & Family Kenmore electric range, model 790, control panel burned out in less than 5 years

    Hi Krdraper, Thank you for posting to bring to our attention about the troubles you have had with your range, we agree this is a serious matter that requires attention. Product recalls due to malf…
  4. Home & Family Apparently incompetent repair personnel, and shoddy customer service.

    Hi bobhock, Thanks for posting an update concerning your case. Our records indicate your case manager sent an email to you with some resolution options on 3/25/2014. We hope there was not any tro…
  5. Home & Family Why was I brought a defective refrigerator, scheduled 4 more times to receive a new one, which were also defective, and it took 4 times to finally receive a call from some manager in Greensboro, NC, who acts all high and mighty. One time I rescheduled and they showed up anyway and woke my boyfriend up, and he works third so he needs to sleep during the day. I received a call today from some manager in Greensboro, NC, who acted like he would gladly pay over $700 for a refrigerator and accept whatever **** they gave him and continued to bring him. He must have been thinking this would fly with him, because he expected it to fly with me. Out of the graciousness of his heart, he said Sears would only make one more attempt to deliver a frige, that he himself would check out. Well, I thanked him of course, and told him that I was already going to my store to get my money back. He said they could take care of that, but I told him again. When I got to my store, they had already received some kind of email from him. Who cares. I wouldn't consider making any arrangements for anything else with that moron, who didn't make any attempt to resolve this sooner...much sooner. They rescheduled delivery days and then cancelled because they didn't even have the product. Wow! This evening, I received a call from Sears delivery, stating that they will be coming tomorrow between 4:30-6:30. He's still trying to undermine something, but I already have everything worked out and if they come, too bad. I'm not letting them in and they can turn around and leave. When I received the first one, 3 weeks ago, the guys were in such a hurry, they didn't clean up their dirty hand prints all over the white frige, they dropped it off and tried to hurry off. They left cardboard, foam and parts in the frige, until I ran after them looking for the freezer door shelf bars. They refused to leave a water line, when I purchased one with an ice maker, they refused to hook up my existing water line, and they left too quickly for me to notice all of the problems with it. It took over 35 minutes to clean it up, then I saw all of the problems. I took pictures of everything and made detailed notes and then called. They tried to make excuses and offer touch up paint. No thank you! Not on a brand new refrigerator. They took my old one away and said I couldn't get it back. Finally, after all that's happened in the last three weeks, and my feedback emails that I sent...you know, the ones where they say they really listen? Then, and only then, I hear from a manager, who acts like it's all my fault. I pride myself on customer service and quality control, and have years of experience in the workforce with these. This man should not be called a manager. If quality control existed with Sears, I would have had a wonderful, new, clean, defect free refrigerator at the first delivery. All of this is unacceptable for any business, who expects to keep business and stay in business. I hope to save someone, anyone, just one, from this experience. I think after this many problems and deliveries, I've been more than patient. Probably more than some people. Sears is fully represented by their products, their customer service, deliveries, etc., and these things tell a lot right now. I should have done my research and I urge you to do the same. This manager, or any of you, would expect nothing less from a brand new purchase. Do you think this manager, or his wife, would tolerate this? No. Do you think he would be okay with everything if I blamed him for Sears' crappy refrigerator? No. How do you think he would feel if I told him that it comes already wrapped and they don't see it first? I don't think he'd care about where it's from or how it's wrapped or anything. He would expect a new, clean, defect free refrigerator, without excuses, just like I do. Just like anyone would. Anyone would expect timely delivery, nice delivery men, who communicate, spend time, install and clean up after themselves. Am I right? Please don't contact me Customer Care or whomever. I've had enough and am well entitled to have had enough. Nothing can or will be done, so the time to be nice and try to fix anything, has passed. Sears has lost my business and that's a loss for Sears. Thanks for all of the hassles, headaches, problems, excuses, lies, and everything else I've had to deal with over simply wanted and expecting a new refrigerator. You've made my experience soo delightlful.

    Hi loldisgustedstaken, Thank you for taking time to bring to our attention all that you have encountered concerning your new refrigerator delivery we realize by all that has taken place you have be…
  6. Home & Family I have been TRYING to get a problem resolved and CANNOT get anywhere.

    Hi clcarr1986, We appreciate you taking time to bring the matter concerning your Keurig online purchase experience to our attention. We realize by the details you have provided this situation has …
  7. Home & Family Where can I make complaints regarding delivery issues?

    Hi J2014, Thank you for taking time to post an account of your recent shopping experiences we realize they have caused you to be disappointed. For many years Sears has built a reputation of prov…
  8. Home & Family where can i complain about the repair services offered by sears?

    Hi Ms.Vicki, Thank you for providing this feedback concerning follow up contact. We know it is imperative to have timely communication when working to resolve matters concerning your appliance…
  9. Food & Cooking The racks in my Kenmore Elite oven continue to fall out. I have been burned from them falling with the slightest weight on them. I read here there are many others with the same problem what is the fix for this issue in your product?

    Hi bradbennett5061, Thank you for bringing the matters concerning your oven racks that have been collapsing to our attention. We realize this is a serious matter that requires some attention. M…
  10. Home & Family I will NEVER user Sears again for any home remodeling projects again! I want the CEO's email and phone number.

    Hi katec0042, Thank you for bringing your home bathroom remodel concerns to our attention, we can certainly see how this has been a very disappointing and discouraging situation for you. We agre…
  11. Home & Family I got installed a home heating unit in October of 2011. However, the next day it was flooded due to negligence by the installers. It was reported to Sears, They sent a technician to fix the problem instead of changing the necessary parts. They that it is ok and operable with no problems. In the summer of 2012, the unit began to overheat. I placed a call and they sent a technician to find out that it is ok. The technician said that is how it works. As of 2014, it has stopped working. It works on and off and turns off and turns on when it feels like. After March 6th, the unit has failed. On March 7th they sent a technician. He stated, due to the water damage, the unit has stopped working. The technician stated that it is better to change the unit rather than changing the parts. Sears called and they said they are sending a brand new unit. However, the technician called saying that nothing is covered. Until March 10th, flood record and repair records were in Sears Database. As of today, it is no longer there. All the logs have magically disappeared. They gave me a fax number to fax them any records we may have. Please help us!

    Hi tvarughese12, Thank you for making us aware of what’s been happening concerning your water heater repair and expected replacement. We can see how not having access to the repair service h…
  12. Saving Money Looking for my refund and now begging for help. It's been 2 months

    Hi Please_Help_Me, We appreciate your post to bring to our attention the challenges you have encountered surrounding a refund for a returned damaged item. We can certainly see to be still wait…
  13. Home & Family I have a service agreement for my Samsung Washer that has never worked properly. Currently there is over $1000.00 worth of parts ordered for the machine. They are planning on rebuilding the entire machine in an effort to make it work. I bought it in 2008. The same machine has a class action law suit against Samsung in N.J. The warranty customer service gave me a nonworking email address to Sear's main office to contact them about my issue. Do you have any addresses? I have contacted Florida's Attorney General. I am over 60 years old, and tired of the games. Sears is trying to make us take so many days off frome work and wait at home for service people who don't show up when they are suppose to that we will buy a new machine. Who should I contact now?

    Hi obrieninteriors, Thank you for bringing to our attention the matters concerning your Samsung washing machine that has caused your disappointment and aggravation. We know it’s important to…
  14. Saving Money How do I talk to the head of Sears customer service? I have had a horrible experience with Sears blue ribbon and customer cares. My brand new refrigerator was delivered damaged!

    Hi megleal, Thank your posting to provide an update about your damaged refrigerator and member services experience which seems to have not been resolved to your satisfaction. We would be more th…

    Hi 123sears123, We appreciate you taking time to post about your recent online experience. We can see how your online chat interaction caused your frustration. Online shopping was designed fo…
  16. Home & Family Does Sears even plan on giving me my money back? Im tired of getting the runaround on the order I cancelled on 2/7/14. Im tired of calling Sears everyday to hear a different answer. Looks like they cant even tell me if Im going to get my 1+k back. Now I have to call my bank and tell them Sears has their payment. Because of this mishap I had to purchase another washer and dryer that was even more expensive just because I didnt want to fight with Sears anymore. I trusted that my money would be returned to me, but it hasnt. Your store still has the product yet my money is floating in outerspace. Thanks for making my life just a little harder to handle.

    Hi clownprincess, Thank you for bringing the matters concerning your refund to our attention we certainly know how important it is to have this transaction completed. We make every effort to pro…
  17. Home & Family where can i complain about the repair services offered by sears?

    Hi smccraney, We appreciate you taking time to provide us with feedback concerning your dishwasher repair experiences. We can see how upsetting it must be after a couple of repairs your dishwash…
  18. Home & Family Delivery problems - Why is this so hard?

    Hi SteveLevassar, Thank you for bringing your dishwasher delivery experience to our attention. We can certainly see how these occurrences have caused you to feel discouraged about delivery. Tim…
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