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Sr. Blogger

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  1. Liked this: Heroes at Home Gift Card Donations Help Military Families this Holiday Season

    What an honorable program!
  2. Liked this: Home & Family Sears order pick up

    Hi Tad2012! Thanks for posting your question today. Your local store will hold your order for 14 days. What did you purchase to be picked up?
  3. Liked this: Health & Fitness Does your family or friends play in a Turkey Bowl every Thanksgiving?

    The only Turkey Bowls I'll be seeing Thursday will be full of stuffing or potato peelings but my son is home from college and we got in 18 holes of golf today!
  4. Liked this: Outdoors Why does Sears Refuse to Honor their Warranty on Mower repairs?

    Hi bigtx, sounds like repair service is invoking the broken crankshaft clause in your warranty. Check your Protection Agreement about what's not covered.
  5. Liked this: Home & Family I bought a dell precision laptop on 10/12/12.It worked fine for 2 weeks.now It takes 5 minutes to boot up and to go to the internet it is slower than mollasses. I have to wait 5 to 10 minutes to go to each sight. I bought this for my business and am very disappointed.what do I do to fix this.This is the worst dell I ever bought.

    It sounds as if you have picked up a virus. Seeing as the computer is almost new, and there is not a lot of data that you have there, I would recommend doing a full wipe of the operating system, and t…
  6. Liked this: Outdoors I see the Craftsman Tool Ornaments have arrived in the store.

    Yes they have! I also found them on-line, under the search of "Ornaments". There is the metal line of ornaments that are MUSA's (Made in the US of A) and the more colorful and detailed resin orname…
  7. Liked this: Home & Family So whenever someone has a real problem, you just remove the blog?

    Yep the entire older format is gone. The community is now within Sears.com itself, instead of "outsourced", you can say.. More experts and more attention from Sears.
  8. Liked this: Saving Money Need to link my membership # to see how many points I have earned

    Hi LathaKumar! Thanks for your question today. You will want to visit the Shop Your Way Rewards site for your account details. Click this below link to be directed there: http://www.shopyourw…
  9. Liked this: Home & Family So whenever someone has a real problem, you just remove the blog?

    Hi JoeCrowthers-We have actually completely closed up that site and moved it over here! Please feel free to continue your conversation on your previously open thread, where a SearsCares team member r…