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I have been repairing appliances for 38 years and consider myself a Renaissance man. I am the proud father of two daughters and my 11-year-old keeps me young. I love fixing things and taking things apart, and I have dealt with the many problems related to homeownership and keeping up the yard and garden. I once jumped into downtown Austin with a parachute carrying the American Flag for Lance Armstrong and George Bush. I also organize the STAC golf tournament which raises money for charity. I am an employee of Sears Holdings Corporation. Professional Degrees and Certifications: I have attended the University of Houston, studying Political Science and Journalism. I participate in ongoing training courses given by Sears and manufacturers to stay current with new appliances.

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  1. Outdoors I have a Craftsman riding mower model 917288031 that won't start. I was working fine, but now nothing happens when turning the key. No headlights. Replaced battery - its fully charged. What do I need to do?

    If the lights wil lnot work with a new charged battery then I suggest you first check the fuse located behine the dashboard. The fuse is a 20 amp automotive style fuse. I hope this helps and good lu…
  2. Food & Cooking I'm having a gas stove delivered .... Does installation include disconnect/connect of gas? Or is this something my gas co has to do?

    As JulieK indicated the delivery team will not install new gas pipes or a shut off. If you have an existing gas range that you are replacing then the crew will disconnect it and hook up the new range…
  3. Heroes at Home I have a Kenmore front loader 41744052400 that does everything but the final spin. It fills,washes, tumbles, drains, and spins on wash and rinse cycles but on last spin cycle it will drain but not spin. I ran the diagnostic and got an error code of E43 which per the chart says to replace the control board, which I did and still have the same problem. I tested the door lock assembly and it is functioning right, so now I am stuck. ?? I did not test the motor speed board but if it was bad the parts place said it would be $170.oo so then after the $150.oo I already spent on the board it wouldn't be worth it. Is there anytning else it could be?? Thanks.

    Gi2g2bu, Thank you for your question though I am sorry about the washer problem. Do not buy the speed control board. If the washer will tumble, fill, wash then the speed control is likely okay. Whe…
  4. Food & Cooking I have a kenmore gas stove, Model number 790.70502011, the burners on the top work great. My oven will not heat up. The igniter glows brightly, red, but there does not seem to be any gas released in order to heat the oven.....

    mosogood, Thank you for your question. From the description you give I suspect the gas valve is the problem. The top burners work so there is a gas supply. The bake igniter in the oven glows bright…
  5. Home & Family I have Sears Kenmore Elite French Door Refrigerator ( model # 795.78764.800) 2008. Without any warning the ice maker stopped making ice cubes nor is it dispensing water when requested. The water supply valve is open. What is the problem?

    Saefern1, I am sorry about the water problem on your refrigerator. I am jumping into the middle of an ongoing problem and I assume having a technician check the problem is not the first option. Fro…
  6. Home & Family Craftsman garage door opener Problem with both remotes and keypad

    Since the opener works when the button is pressed then the problem will likely be with the logic board. Intermittent problems are difficult to pin down. Check for loose connections and make sure the…
  7. Outdoors my snow blower attachment 486.248371 auger belt shakes when engaged and after a while comes of the back pulley. Using belt 47846 chain is pulled through and pinned on the end of spring. Did not do last year Shakes whole machine.

    The pulley should not wobble. From the description you give I suspect the bearing is the problem. There are 2 741-0919 bearings. I would suggest both be replace. Both bearings are the same part.
  8. Home & Family Craftsman garage door opener Problem with both remotes and keypad

    If the keypad is wired then the white and red wire can be removed and joined together for a moment to see if the door will open/close consistantly. To program the keyless entry press and hold the Lea…
  9. Home & Family Craftsman garage door opener Problem with both remotes and keypad

    Thank you for your question. Periodic or intermittent problems can be difficult to pin down. It is unusual to have the intermittent problem with both the remotes and outside keypad. Is the keypad w…
  10. Outdoors my snow blower attachment 486.248371 auger belt shakes when engaged and after a while comes of the back pulley. Using belt 47846 chain is pulled through and pinned on the end of spring. Did not do last year Shakes whole machine.

    Thenk you for the question. I am sorry for the problem with the unit. From the description you give I suspect one of the bearings is the problem. One of the bolts holding the bearing housing may ha…
  11. Home & Family Can someone please help me address service issue after service issue in the repair (under warranty) of my dishwasher? This is the second problem (same type) that I've had with this dishwasher. And, yet I cannot get a service technician to show up within my appointment windows (missed 2 appt windows that were scheduled). Everytime I call to ask why they didn't show on time, I'm told "sorry but we'll reschedule and our next appointment is in a week". This is unacceptable and poor service - poor quality dishwasher, technicians who don't care about appointment windows and service personnel who don't care about wasting your time

    I agree that so far the service you have recieved is not acceptable. If the appointment is not kept you should at least get a call telling the new estimated arrival time. What I can do is help pin t…
  12. Home & Family I renewed a extended warranty contract from Sears for s Bosch dishwasher in November, 2013 . At the time of purchase I was offered an for my major protection plac for my refridgator and cooktop puchased from Sears. The items were older and the price was right so I purchased both. Snce that time I had five or six service calls on my dishwasher for a leak, My ceiling is dammaegd. I, m now on mys six service call on my Refreigator,. It is now a safety issue. My leak is going from my kitchen into my finished basement ceilling. The last service call was on Wednesday, by Friday it was leaking again . I was told that I had not had four moving parts repair and until then it could not be replaced. So I have property damage and safety issues and a repair appointment three days away..

    I am sorry for the problems with your dishwasher. What is odd is that the Bosch dishwasher has a base that should hold water if it leaks from the tub. Does water build up in the tray under the dishw…
  13. Home & Family I have a two Craftsman Garage Door Openers with battery back-up. For some reason the light sensors on either will not work. They have worked in the past. Anyone know how to fix this problem?

    Thank you for the model number. The light should turn on when someone walks in front of the wall mounted door control. The unit is capable of detecting motion and heat though the heat sensing featur…
  14. Food & Cooking How do you reset the control panel on Kenmore Elite Dishwasher 665.13793K010?

    ufdaugherty, You got some good advice and I hope it helps. You can enter and run the diagnostic test by pressing the following keypads Heated Dry-Normal-Heated Dry-Normal. Checking the water level …
  15. Food & Cooking How do you clean the upper oven in a dual oven electric Kenmore Elite range?

    The 790. is the beginning of the model number. If the upper oven is a continuous clean oven liner then then important thing to remember is to not use any over cleaner or it will hurt the finish. Ple…
  16. Food & Cooking We have a Kenmore refrigerator model 79558814 and although it shows power going into it, the lights inside do not light up nor do the temp. lights on outside of door light up. Any suggestions as to problem??

    If the inside and display lights do not light the problem sounds like it is related to the power. How is power going into the unit being measured? What about the freezer fan and condenser fan? Are …
  17. Outdoors my snow thrower (247.889702) chute control cannot move forward or backward to change the angle/distance, please help. ****@yahoo.com

    miller8, Thank you for the question. The up and down movement of the chute is controled by the joystick and two cables attached to the chute. Be sure to press the release button firmly. When you mo…
  18. Outdoors does a toro snowblower attachment 79262 fit a craftsman LT1000

    The 842.240510Snow Thrower will likely fit but first test fit it and make sure all the parts are there. Any missing parts will not be available.
  19. Outdoors does a toro snowblower attachment 79262 fit a craftsman LT1000

    I believe Mark is correct in that a Toro Snow blower will not fit on this craftsman tractor. I did find a mounting kit for older craftsman snow blowers so they will fit on newer tractors but I found …
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