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With several decades worth of first-hand experience with mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems prior to starting my career with Sears I am very happy to be assisting community members with their repairs. A decade of specializing in electronic and mechanical security systems implementation and service has allowed me to gain valuable insights in the diagnosis and testing of complex electro-mechanical systems. My prior military service has also furthered my training and knowledge. I’m an avid do-it-yourselfer and frequently apply my skills on all types of appliance and automotive service and repairs. When not fixing things, I like to unwind with my family. I enjoy cycling and regularly can be found performing music in local venues. I am an employee of Sears Holdings Corporation. Professional degrees and certifications: I attended the University of Nebraska and have multiple military training certificates. I have training on electronic systems, security training and certificates, training as a full line Sears service technician, electronics training and certificates, and ongoing factory training on a variety of appliances and electronics.

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  1. Home & Family I have recently purchased a Kenmore Ultra High-Efficiency Water Softener, model # 38420, I was wondering how many days are included in the average daily water usage calculation?

    Hello Dan, You are correct that this meter does show the average use daily, it takes some time for the average to balance out though and if it was a very recent install, the data could still show pre…
  2. Home & Family I have a washing machine Samsung model DV365ETBGWR /A3 and it is giving me a FE error. My electricity is50hz the machine is 60hz how can I fix?

    Hello tonyta1, I'm sorry to hear that you are having an error code on your dryer and I would like to assist you. Per the service manual, your dryer is designed to be used at 60hz and is not comp…
  3. Home & Family I have recently purchased a Kenmore Ultra High-Efficiency Water Softener, model # 38420, I was wondering how many days are included in the average daily water usage calculation?

    Hello Dan, I would like to assist you with your water softener's daily use fluctuations. When you press the Water Use button the second time on your model, the daily use that is current is displ…
  4. Outdoors I have a Murray snowthrower model 1695539 that only runs in the choke position. As soon as I turn to run it stops running. Any advice? Its only run about 10 to 15 hours

    Hello Lardek, I would like to assist you with your snow thrower running difficulties. jdr03210 is correct about draining the fuel and cleaning the fuel system out. You will want to wear gloves …
  5. Outdoors I have a Craftsman 9HP 28 inch snow blower with the auger stuck in the ON (down) position. How do I release it?

    Hello Ralph, I'm sorry to hear that your auger engagement handle is stuck in the on position and I would like to assist you. There is a return spring under that retracts the cable, it is under the a…
  6. Outdoors What to do to winterize my lawn mower

    Hello Teener, I would like to answer your question for you. I do not know the model of mower that you have, but there are some general items to look at. You will want to wash the overall mower off …
  7. Home & Family If we will need to install a gas line to new gas dryer, do we hire a separate person first or can the Sears installation include it??

    Hello abjmash, I would like to answer your question. If there is an existing gas line there, they will hook up to it for you. If the gas line needs to be added, you will have to contact someone to …
  8. Home & Family The dryer I want to buy says that it can be vented on the left. The question is from what prespective of the dryer? Does it mean the left side when you are standing in front of the dryer , or on the left side when you are standing behind the dryer?

    Hello cb2najuma, The left side is generally the customer's left, while facing the machine and not the machine's left. If you would like me to very this, just reply with the model number that you are…
  9. Home & Family Went to the local Sears to see some of the HE washers/dryers that have been recommended to me, but was told that HE machines do not allow you to adjust the water level.

    Hello Kooler1, BlueCrewGuyInMA is correct his assessment of the HE washer and the second rinse. Another thing to note about the operation of HE washers is that the water level is actually not set, t…
  10. Outdoors The engine only runs on a teaspoon of fuel I put in carburator-therefore I know it is a fuel problem. I unscrewed the nut from the float container. Now it only runs for the sametime as 1 teaspoon of fuel. How much do I adjust the nut in or out until it runs normally?thanks

    Hello nlawn, I'm sorry to hear that the engine on your mower will not run correctly and I would like to assist you. If you are able to remove the bolt that attaches the float bowl and there was …
  11. Home & Family kenmore elite oasis he top load washing machine F68 code

    Hello Glids, I would like to assist you with your F68 code. This code tells us that the washer is not seeing the correct water level in the tub. Usually, I find that one of two items are the caus…
  12. Outdoors My lawn tractor model 917.28852 deck is too low. How can I raise the whole deck?

    Hello fish4u, I would like to assist you. The deck is leveled by adjusting the jamb nuts on the hanging rods. I am assuming that the front one is out of adjustment. Refer to your owner's manual …
  13. Home & Family I have a kenmore 80 series heavy duty washer and dryer, model number 110.20802990. Can you tell me the tub capacity? I need a new washer am looking for something bigger.

    Hello alirdh, I would like to assist you with your question. I believe that your washer has a 2.5 cu ft capacity. The larger ones in that line are 3.0. If you want to get a much larger capacity, …
  14. Home & Family I am replacing my television in my living room. What size is a normal size screen? I live in a one bedroom apt and do not want anything mounted on the wall.

    Hello edutton3, That is a good question. I suggest that you measure the distance from where you will most likely be sitting in your living room to the area that you will most likely have the telev…
  15. Outdoors Our soil is ver hard. Even a pick will penetrate about 1/2 inch. Water does not sink in. What to do ? Desire to grow a vegetable garden.

    Hello grandpa388, I would like to assist you with your garden problem. I suggest going to a raised bed type of garden. There is a lot of information on the internet about this type of gardening, …
  16. Home & Family Which tools should be in everyone's toolbox?

    Hello mmorr54, I would like to answer your question. This is a very subjective question, however for a good all around home toolbox, I suggest starting with the essentials like a pair of pliers, a…
  17. Outdoors craftsman hammer rust - what is the best way to remove?

    Hello Alygator, Here is a copy of another response that I have given on hand tool rust removal: I would like to answer your question about removing existing rust off of hand tools. There are a…
  18. Home & Family How do I remove rust from existing tools, saws, axes, screwdrivers, is there a chemical I can apply?

    Hello thomas261, I would like to answer your question about removing existing rust off of hand tools. There are a lot of different methods, some use harsh chemicals, some use abrasives, but the on…
  19. Home & Family Is there a product that penetrates wood and kills mold and is safe to use indoors?

    Hello ProfS, I would like to answer your question for you. There are methods of mold mitigation and I suggest searching the US EPA website and other reputable sources for more information. I am f…
  20. Home & Family Most parts no longer available for Sears/Craftman products unless I email and pay exorbitant shipping.

    Hello nailen1, I would like to help you find the part(s) that you are referring to. If you would like to reply with the model number of the product that you are working on, I will try to find a so…
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