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  1. Home & Family My kemore elite model number 721.80823 the volume no longer works how do I repair this and it not cost a fortune

    Cyndi06: Based on your replay, the electronic control will need to be replaced. I strongly suggest calling a service technician to repair your micorwave. Microwaves contain high-voltage components tha…
  2. Home & Family My kemore elite model number 721.80823 the volume no longer works how do I repair this and it not cost a fortune

    Cindi06: Hello, I added a URL below to copy and paste in your browser and it will link you to the Use and Care Guide. On page 20 it will have the instructions for the turning the beeps on or off. The …
  3. Home & Family Convection oven taking too long to cool down??

    lolamac: The oven cavity will be warm to hot after just 60 minutes of shutting it off when the temperature was at 400 degrees. The oven is well insulated and it could take 2-3 hours to completely cool…
  4. Home & Family So, I am told the HE front loaders only use 11.2 gallons of water. How in the world would that work to get your clothes clean?

    Hello Lisa666, the smell can be caused by a few different reasons; too much detergent, using the wrong kind of detergent, or from not leaving the door open between washes. The smell could be emitting …
  5. Home & Family Purchased the Sears Gourmet Pack to use with my new Kenmore Elite double oven glass-top electric range. There are no instruction on how to use the cast aluminum griddle or the cast iron searing rack. It doesn't seem right to sit them on the glass cook top, so I question their usefulness. Thanks for your attention.

    novatoguy: The cast aluminum griddle is to be used on the glass top and the cast iron searing rack is to be used in the oven. I recommend looking in the Use and Care Guide that came with your range an…
  6. Home & Family Why are cycle lights continually coming on on my quiet tumble action washer?

    SusanMarieE: Hello, If the cycle lights are coming on randomly, I suspect it could have a faulty touch panel or it could be signaling a fault code if you do not have digital display. Having the model …
  7. Home & Family We recently bought a kenmore electric range and we have been loving it. However we melted a clear plastic container and can not remove it. Please help! Thanks

    Tphillipson: Putting the oven racks in the oven and starting a self-cleaning cycle is not recommended because the extreme heat can cause the rack to darken and not slide in and out easily. But if you …
  8. Home & Family We just had the recall service performed on our Kenmore Elite washing machine and now it is unusable. We have tried to wash five loads and have had between 2 and 10 unbalanced errors per load! What had been a very nice machine is now unusable. How do we get a usable machine back again?

    Randy_Smith: Based on your symptom and details, you need to call and have the service technician come back out and diagnose the issue. It may or may not be related to the recent service provided. You …
  9. Home & Family Which kind of wire to use with sears cooktop Sears Elite 30" model#76044573000 We have a 3 wire power source and the new cooktop is 4 wire. Not sure what to use or how to hook-up.

    mondayblues; The model number provided does not come up as a valid model number. If this is a new cooktop, follow the installation instructions for connecting the pigtail to the power source. Generall…
  10. Home & Family I have Kenmore Washer 11047561600 whan the washer start all the water coming out from the soap dispenser and not going to the drum,what can be the problem? thank you. vico

    Vicofadlon; Good morning, based on your symptom, a small garment has likely been pushed up into the tube where the water enters the tub from the dispenser. The top and front panel may need to be taken…
  11. Home & Family I have a Kenmore Elite washer & dryer. Washer's model number is 7964172. Can I stack them?

    Timelyhero: In order to answer your question I will need to have the model number of the dryer too. If the washer and dryer is a matching set, then the dryer can most likely be stacked on top of the w…
  12. Home & Family The front glass on my Kenmore front load washer, HE4t, is broken. Do I need to replace it or will the washer function?

    otis86: If it's the outer door glass/plastic on the outside of the door and not the inner door glass, the washer will function properly. Have good day.
  13. Home & Family My hub set a loaf of bread on a hot burner and now we have melted plastic on the ceramic cooktop. Can you advise?

    You can use a razor blade scraper to remove the melted plastic. Hold the razor blade at about a 30 degree angle and scrap the melt plastic off.
  14. Home & Family To the Appliance Rep: Harken back to days of yesteryear... I have a Sears/Kemore over/under refrig freezer -- 21 cb.ft.freezer on top.(74181 Series) Recently a bunch of frozen peas rolled into the "floor" vents. This floor is "free floating" not attahed or molded into the sides or back of the freezer. I feel it can definitely be removed for cleaning purposes, and that's my intentions. However, it feels to be anchored by clips or glue (no apparent screws) and I don't want to crack this base by doing something stupid. I am disabled and unemployed so calling for a technician or buying a new unit is out of the question. What can you tell me? THX

    Hello Rainman; In order to provide accurate and model specific instructions we will need to know the complete model number copied off the model and serial number tag on the refrigerator. Most of the …
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