Types of Badges

Community Manager Comm Mgr

Comm Mgr

Community managers take care of the entire community so we can enjoy it.
Moderator Moderator


Moderators are the good people who help get questions answered and make sure everyone follows the rules.
Expert Expert


Experts are the smart cookies who know a ton about products and answer questions.
Sears Cares Sears Cares

Sears Cares

People with this badge are trained customer care representatives who make sure you get help when you need it.
Associate Associate


Associates are actual employees of Sears Holding Corporation, but not part of the Community Team.
Vendor Vendor


These are business partners of or suppliers to Sears Holdings Corporation.
Editor Editor


Editors are grammar gurus who create blogs and guides that you will enjoy.
Sr. Blogger Sr. Blogger

Sr. Blogger

Count on these topical wordsmiths to deliver blogs and guides that matter to you.
  1. Heroes at Home Heroes at Home Wish Registry Registration Opens 8/29 at 1PM Central

    Hi Christinehoo! Give this link a try at 1:00 CST: www.sears.com/heroesathome That should work. Let us know if you are still experiencing a…
  2. Heroes at Home Heroes at Home Wish Registry Registration Opens 8/29 at 1PM Central

    Welcome, CJGaff! Thanks for your question today. At this time, there is no restrictions to the number of times a recipient can be awarded the gift. Good luck!
  3. Food & Cooking Pantry Staples – The Essentials for your Kitchen Cupboard

    These are terrific! I also usually try to keep peanut butter around. Not just for snacking, but it is easy to whip up a batch of sesame peanut noodles for a quick dinner!
  4. Food & Cooking Stone Fruit Cooking Made Easy - Grilled, Baked & Poached

    Nice to see you, toolboxhero! Hope all is well! What a nice change of pace for an iced tea flavoring. I will give that a try soon!
  5. Food & Cooking Stone Fruit Cooking Made Easy - Grilled, Baked & Poached

    Many great ideas here! I love that summer salad recipe. Will be sure to try it soon-sounds perfect for on the beach eating!
  6. Home & Family I can't believe Sears sells...

  7. Heroes at Home Captain Patrick Horan Inspires through Recovery from Injury

    What an inspiring story. Thank you to Captain Horan for his service and well wishes on his continued recovery!
  8. Home & Family Refrigerator Cleaning Tips and Tricks

    Hey needhelp2! Thanks for your question today! I know an Appliance Expert will know just what to do. Check back on this comment soon for a reply. Thank you!
  9. Holidays & Parties 5 Fun Earth Day Activities for Kids

    Number 4 is a great idea. It is the perfect time to get a garden growing! A good opportunity to teach kids about where their food should come from!
  10. Saving Money 10 Personal Finance Tips that Work

    Tax time is always a good time to go over your finances. Some good tips here to help!
  11. Heroes at Home Sears Holdings Military Veteran Profile of the Month: Mark Bryant

    Your commitment to your country and job are both honorable and inspiring, Mark! Great interview!
  12. Outdoors Cycling is a Great Spring Workout

    This blog is making me long for spring on a cold Chicago day! I am ready to go on some family bike rides soon!
  13. Holidays & Parties Host an Oscar night party

    Great party ideas! I have been attending a friend's party for the last few years-we do an Oscar pool, as well. It is always fun to see how many winners you picked correctly!