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I have many years of experience as a technician with extensive electrical and mechanical training. As a homeowner, I have experienced many of the problems that I write about. I offer common sense solutions and fixes for your various appliance and home needs from a homeowner's perspective. I am an employee of Sears Holdings Corporation. Professional Degrees & Certifications: I have a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree and I also have extensive mechanical and electrical training. Sears provides me with ongoing factory training in many appliance fields.

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  1. Outdoors I have a Craftsman riding mower model 917288031 that won't start. I was working fine, but now nothing happens when turning the key. No headlights. Replaced battery - its fully charged. What do I need to do?

    Here is a link for the parts list diagram for the tractor: http://www.searspartsdirect.com/partsdirect/part-model/Craftsman-Parts/Riding-mower-tractor-Parts/Model-917288031/0247/1509200?pathTaken=&…
  2. Home & Family Are the following washer/dryers stackable? Washer: M-110.45872 400 C-CSR4008366/ Dryer: M-110.45872 C-CSR4005849. Thank you so much!!!

    Hello Timmaay. I suspect that you mis-typed the model number for the dryer. If the dryer is model 110.85872 or a similar Kenmore HE3 type of dryer then it should stack properly on the top of that HE3 …
  3. Outdoors What is the easiet way to know that the piston is top center ? When I have my spark plug out and the piston is as close to the plug whole as possible, is that when the piston is at the top center point?

    When the piston is traveling upward the screwdriver will continue to push out at you. Once the piston reaches the top, the screwdriver will stop then begin going back into the cylinder as the piston g…
  4. Outdoors I have a lawn tractor 917.273380...it will start and mow for about 10 minutes then lose power and eventually shut down. I have adjusted the valves and it repeats the problem. I noticed the last time before adjusting that the top rocker arm is not moving in or out. What is the problem ? Thanks !

    Hello Gowin. You could have a problem with the valve adjustment that you performed on the engine. A number of other failures could be causing your problem. That tractor appears to have a Briggs & …
  5. Outdoors I have a Craftsman Weed Wacker 26.2 cc/17" wide cut. Model # 358-796130, Serial No. B3480159. How do I change the fuel lines?

    Hello TKV. I agree with AdamO's advice regarding those fuel lines. If you are replacing them yourself, carefully note the original routing of the fuel lines. Follow safe mechanical guidelines. Remove …
  6. Home & Family How to open dishwasher door?

    Hello beanbil1. I don't recognize that brand and type of dishwasher. The door will normally have a latch mechanism that is located just inside the inner door panel. There is normally a strike mechanis…
  7. Home & Family How often should I change my refrigerator's water filter?

    Hello vulcan-ears. JulieK is correct. You should normally replace the refrigerator water filter at least every 6 months. You may need to replace it sooner if you use a large amount of water daily. If …
  8. Home & Family Why are convection ovens considered better than conventional ovens?

    Hello big_furry_creature. JulieK is correct about the convection oven cooking the food more evenly. A fan in the convection oven circulates the air inside the oven cavity to evenly distribute the heat…
  9. Home & Family Samsung microwave model smh9207st - vent fan & light buttons

    Hello oceancindy47. I recommend that you have a service technician examine the microwave and repair that type of problem. The technician will probably need to replace the control panel assembly. The r…
  10. Home & Family My Kenmore freezer just started "tripping the circuit breaker" at the master panel. No other circuits are tripping. there is no sign of water anywhere. What can be causing this?

    Hello jlshull1956. I am sorry to hear about this problem that you are having with the freezer. You could have a short circuit in the wiring or one of the components. A problem with the compressor coul…
  11. Home & Family Hello, My GE Frig water dispenser stopped working, the ice maker works so the water line is working. The model # is GSH25JFXN BB. Any idea what could be the cause of this issue?

    That dispenser has a control lock. Check to see if that control lock is on. If it is, then you can disable that control lock by pressing and holding the LOCK button for 3 deliberate seconds (or even a…
  12. Home & Family I have a Kenmore Gas Range, model number 790.7231 can I self-clean the stove top grates? The grates have little legs that they rest on and I don't know what material they are made of and if they will melt during the self-clean cycle.

    Hello mommykinz. I am not aware of any high temperature paint that would work to restore the color to those grates. You can try cleaning them with a specific grate cleaner designed for those component…
  13. Home & Family I have a Calypso Kenmore Elite Washer...10 years old...mid way through a wash cycle I hear a high whining sound and water does not empty. Is it worth getting fixed?

    Hello gkimt. Your details indicate that you probably have a failed drain pump. Replacing that component yourself would probably cost about $160. If you can complete that project on your own, then it w…
  14. Home & Family My Kenmore Elite Microwave Model 88523 started to run when the door wasn't closed tightly!!! NOT HAPPY! My son and I were very close to the appliance when it was open and running. Please advise. I only purchased this last year from my local Sears store.

    Hello Moods. I understand your concern about that dangerous situation with your microwave. The microwave has several internal components that will normally prevent the unit from starting unless the do…
  15. Outdoors I have a 1/2 horsepower garage door opener and want to know if I should get a bigger one. My door has grinded off the gear. Replaced it and a month later it grinded the new one off.

    Hello machelep. There are more powerful garage door openers available but that may not fix the problem that you seem to be describing. You may have a problem with the garage door travel rails or the s…
  16. Outdoors what's wrong with sears craftman 22" lawn mower new wont start?

    Hello retirree. I see that inquisitivemind asked for a model number. Having that model number would help us to provide you with some specific advice and troubleshooting. You can also check your owner'…
  17. Home & Family i have a sears model 790.94462702 electric oven that has been taking a long time to preheat. Tonight it was preheating for almost an hour to get to 350. i finally gave up. What's wrong with it?

    Hello robo76. You could have a problem with the hidden bake element in the oven. You can unplug the range to disconnect electrical power and remove the bottom panel to check that bake element. You sho…
  18. Home & Family I have a GE Spacemaker XL 1800 over range microwave. not heating all else working

    Hello mkcolson. Since that microwave was manufactured in 1996, it will probably be more economical to replace it instead of having it repaired. The repair of internal components would likely cost abou…
  19. Home & Family Hi, I recently purchased a used dishwasher (KitchenAid) model number KUDD01DSSS 0 It has 2 drawers. When I purchased it, the owner, who was a real gentleman, said the top drawer dishwasher works great, the bottom drawer doesn't work. He said a Sears technician did a thorough check on the dishwasher and said that the electronic control for the lower drawer need to be replaced. I did a google search for the part number for that electronic control part. I think that it is part PartSelect Number PS1486691 and the Manufacturer Part Number 8194444. My question is this, Do you think it is the Electronic Control that is the problem? Secondly, Do you think it would be worth my while to actually fix this dishwasher or did I make a mistake purchasing this machine? If you were to see the dishwasher, you would think it was brand new. If it is worthwhile to fix, where could I get this part and is it a difficult fix for a technician? Thanks very much!!! I look forward to your response!!!

    Hello Brian. I was not able to contact Sears Canada to determine whether they offer that Sears Service Smart Protection Agreement in that area. You can call Sears in Canada through the 1-800-469-4663 …
  20. Home & Family I have a Kenmore front loading washer, model 417.44152400 that does not spin, just makes a buzzing noise. There have been times in the past it did not drain properly and but when switched to drain and spin it would work. Is this a motor or belt problem?

    Hello anitamomofboys. The buzzing noise is probably the drain pump running when the washer is in the spin mode. The belt and motor are probably okay if the basket tumbles in the wash mode. When the wa…
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