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I have many years of experience as a technician with extensive electrical and mechanical training. As a homeowner, I have experienced many of the problems that I write about. I offer common sense solutions and fixes for your various appliance and home needs from a homeowner's perspective. I am an employee of Sears Holdings Corporation. Professional Degrees & Certifications: I have a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree and I also have extensive mechanical and electrical training. Sears provides me with ongoing factory training in many appliance fields.

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  1. Home & Family I have to put the clothes through twice to dry. I think it's the thermostat. Model # 87692100

    Hello wsgltd. A problem with the thermostat could prevent the dryer from working properly. Other problems could also prevent the clothes from dryering properly. Before you decide to replace any parts,…
  2. Home & Family ice maker has different connectors inside the freezer

    Hello slice1212. There is normally a specific ice maker kit that is needed for each particular model of refrigerator. Since the older ice maker kit has a connector that does not fit, it is likely that…
  3. Home & Family We have a front load washer model 417 40142000 sears kenmore. I noticed my loading the detergent/bleach/softener dispenser an observed that it was badly in need of cleaning. I tried to remove it to do so but can\'t figure how to completely remove it. What is the secret?

    Hello Indiana-Bob. I see that inquisitivemind already posted an answer for this question. Page 61 of the shop manual that he provided does show how to remove that dispenser. Pull it out until it stops…
  4. Home & Family I have a Frigidaire Ultra-Capacity 7.0 cu. ft. Gas Dryer SearsItem# 02690902000 | Model# FAQG7001LW. The heat duct face plate inside of the drum has turned from silver to black.

    That heat duct face plate will normally discolor over time. Using dryer softener sheets or fabric softener (in the washing machine) can cause a build-up of fabric softener residue on that face plate. …
  5. Home & Family Can anyone tell me how to get the gas smell out of my front loading washer since I was dumb enough to wash something that I spilled gas on?

    Hello jolson. There is a fairly new product named Affresh that is used to clean front load washers. You can buy that washer cleaner at your local Sears Store. With the washer empty, place one of the A…
  6. Home & Family why my kenmore elite dryer flashing F 2 code

    Hello mvrojo. It would be helpful to have the model number of your Kenmore Elite dryer. On a common type of Kenmore Elite dryer that displays the F2 code, that failure display indicates that you have …
  7. Home & Family Are electric stoves actually safer?

    Electric stoves are safer in regards to a fire or explosion hazard when compared to a gas range. If a surface burner on a gas range is accidently turned on and left on, then you could wind up with a d…
  8. Home & Family My Kenmore freestanding electric range (790.9912) displays an F10 Error

    Hello zxtt. It does appear that you replaced all of the components that are normally associated with that F10 code. Unplug the range and check that 15 pin plug for corrosion on the contacts. You may n…
  9. Home & Family Kenmore 3/4 HP Disposal model 60572 leaking from bottom - anything I can do?

    Hello Cpitt. I agree with BigMike4511. You will probably need to replace that garbage disposal. According to the model number, it appears to have a 5 year warranty. If it is older than that, then I re…
  10. Home & Family Unlevel washer... not unlevel though

    Hello dman3768. You could have a problem with the suspension system. An item that has worked its way in between the inner spin basket and the plastic outer tub could also cause this problem. A bad spi…
  11. Home & Family how can I obtain an owners manual for a craftsman garage door opener, model 139.53635srt

    Hello Twinkestar27. I see that AdamO posted a link for that manual. If you need more help, let us know.
  12. Home & Family Just bought a Kenmore Elite gas range model 2278303. When Sears came to install the delivery person immediately told me the range would not be flush with the wall - that it would stick out several inches. He was right - it sticks out 3.5 inches without accounting for the door and handle

    Hello GOPawty. I see that AdamO provided some advice regarding this issue. I agree with what he said. You are probably in a situation where the location of that gas supply will need to be relocated to…
  13. Home & Family power miser 12 electric water heater

    Hello vmarn. I recommend that you check all of the fittings on that water heater for leaks. Check the heating elements to see if they are leaking. If you find no apparent leaks in those places, then t…
  14. Home & Family Elite electric range model 790.4102, oven won\'t turn on--getting 16ERR. Any troubleshooting suggestions or ability to reset? Thanks.

    Hello CvPU. I recommend that you shut off the house circuit breaker for the range to completely disconnect electrical power. Leave the breaker off for 3 minutes. Reset the breaker to power the range b…
  15. Home & Family My washing machine model # 11029522801 fills with water and then just makes a humming noise and dims the lights in the house, I have already replaced the motor and capacitor but that did not fix the problem, what else could it be?

    You could have a problem with the wiring or the transmission. A problem with the timer could be causing your failure. Check to see if the motor will run in the spin mode. Unplug the washer and check t…
  16. Home & Family I bought a Kenmore Elite wall oven and a countertop elite microwave that sits above the oven. The clock display colors do not match. The oven display is a bright blue that is blurry. The microwave display is a greenish blue. Is there any way to correct he blurryness of the oven display? What gives with the different colors?

    I agree with the above comments by BlueCrewGuyInMA. That oven will have a brighter display that can appear to be blurry. You can try cleaning the glass in front of the digital display to reduce the bl…
  17. Home & Family Has anybody ever ordered a washer/dryer combo from the Sears Outlet and...

    Hello Kooler1. I recently ordered a washer online from Sears.com. I had it shipped to the nearest store in my area and picked it up. The pick-up process went really smooth. Sears has a 10 minute pick-…
  18. Home & Family Today is America Recycles Day!

    Our family recycles plastics, glass, paper and other items through our city's recycling system. They recently issued everyone a new rolling recycle container that is picked up every 2 weeks. We also c…
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