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I have many years of experience as a technician with extensive electrical and mechanical training. As a homeowner, I have experienced many of the problems that I write about. I offer common sense solutions and fixes for your various appliance and home needs from a homeowner's perspective. I am an employee of Sears Holdings Corporation. Professional Degrees & Certifications: I have a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree and I also have extensive mechanical and electrical training. Sears provides me with ongoing factory training in many appliance fields.

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  1. Home & Family I have a kenmore elite microwave model 88523, just shut down and on the display it shows "TE" what does it mean and what do I need do.

    Based on that error code, I suspect that you have a Kenmore Elite microwave that has a full model number of 401.88523. On that model, the TE error code indicates that you have a problem with the touch…
  2. Home & Family kenmore front loading washing machine leaks around door

    The F21 code indicates that the control detects a long drain time. That code can be caused by excessive suds. The suds problem could cause both the code and the leaking around the door in some situati…
  3. Home & Family How often do you change your furnace filter?

    I change my filters at least once a month. I try to change on or about the 1st day of the month. This helps me remember to complete that task.
  4. Home & Family Which pipes are needed for venting a microwave through the ceiling and out the roof. I\'m using a fan tech RE 10XL on the roof with an independent variable speed switch near the stove. The fan is a 10\

    Most of the microwaves with hoods are designed to vent directly to the outside of the home through 6" round ducting. A 3 1/4" X 10" to 6" round adapter is normally used to connect the exhaust at the t…
  5. Home & Family our Kenmore Oasis HE dryer started beeping during its cycle. It sounds like the damp signal, but it happens with every load even when the signal is turned off.

    Hello Daueljr. That type of problem on a Kenmore Oasis HE dryer usually is caused by a failure in the user interface control in the console. You can try to reset the controls by unplugging the dryer f…
  6. Home & Family spin only cycle on the kenmore elite washer

    Many of the Kenmore Elite washers will have a drain and spin cycle. Look for that cycle on your control. Refer to your owner's manual if you still have it. You can normally find the manual online if y…
  7. Home & Family My MAH8700AWN front loading washing machine throws e3 codes. How do I determine whether it is the control board or the hall effect device that is "integral" (poor design) to the motor that failed? It should be one of these two items however I do not know how to determine which is the bad part.

    Hello FailedAppliance. I recommend that you check that spin basket to make sure that it does not have any unusual resistance. It should spin freely. You can unplug the washer and check the wire harnes…
  8. Outdoors mower starter gets stuck

    Hello katea123456. I agree with madgolfer. Check the handles as suggested in that post. Refer to the installation instructions if necessary. That should fix your problem.
  9. Outdoors Will the rear rim and tire for model 917.288570 fit on model 917.289283 lawn tractor?

    Hello omj. AdamO is correct about the rims being the same. He is also correct about the tire being larger on that tractor model 917.288570. The rim would fit but the tire is larger.

    Hello StEVEN5. BlueCrewGuyInMA is correct about most Kenmore Elite front load washers having screws at the back of that top panel that need to be removed in order to lift off the top panel. Be sure th…
  11. Home & Family Please recommend a clothes dryer??

    Hello dsg7651. AdamO posted some good advice about determining whether you need a gas or electric dryer. I see that JulieK posted a link for the top rated gas dryers. Here is a link for the top rated …
  12. Home & Family What is the most recommended dishwasher

    Hello ServiceLocally. I want to point out that the filter in that dishwasher normally needs to be cleaned about once a month. It is easy to remove and clean. I am not aware of a problem with frequent …
  13. Home & Family What's the best detergent to use in Kenmore elite dishwashers? Liquid? Powder? I've heard the packets can cause problems.

    Hello mikenlou. I am not aware of widespread problems that are encountered when using the packets. There are some situations where they can cause some minor problems. The Kenmore Elite dishwashers nor…
  14. Home & Family Are there any recalls on 790.928... smooth top ranges? It has an electrical smell when we use the oven.

    There are 48 models that begin with 790.928 . . . I checked for recalls or safety issues on all of those models. I did not find any information on recalls or common safety issues. The electrical smell…
  15. Home & Family what does code F mean on a Kenmore Dryer?

    Hello mpc018. The F code normally indicates that you have a component failure in the dryer. There is a number that is associated with the F code but that number may not be displayed in the normal oper…
  16. Home & Family how do I turn off turbo zone

    Hello mfroning. On many of the dishwasher models that have the Turbo Zone feature, that option must be selected when you set up your cycle. Check your owner's manual for instructions on selecting cycl…
  17. Home & Family how well do steam dryers work?

    I have used a steam dryer for about 1 1/2 years. It works well in my opinion. It will remove wrinkles and will freshen up garments when needed.
  18. Home & Family I have a portion of a table cloth stuck underneath the calypso rotating barrell of my machine

    You may need to have a service technician remove the outer wash plate and release that tablecloth. If you want to try to release it yourself, you can unplug the washer and pry off the dome on the top …
  19. Home & Family What is the most recommended dishwasher

    The Kenmore model 13973 is one of the highly recommended current models. Here is a link for that dishwasher: http://www.sears.com/kenmore-elite-24inch-built-in-dishwasher-w-360-deg/p-02213973000P?sLev…
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