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  1. Outdoors I took my lawn mower to the local Sears store ten days ago. The clerk said it would be shipped out for warranty service the next day, and assured me that everything would be covered, as I had the extended service plan. I called later in the week to check on the status, and the store manager told me that I dropped off a snow blower, not a lawn mower, according to their notes. I assured him that I knew the difference between the two, and that I certainly would not be needing my snow blower back so soon in 90 degree weather. He asked if I was sure, and I said maybe he should tell his sales staff the difference between the two, not me. Since then, I have emailed and called their service center with the number he gave me. They are telling me there is no equipment there under my name OR phone number. The store manager just told me today it's showing "In Transit", which means they still haven't looked at it in 10 days. I told him they say it's not there, he says it's in transit. No big deal, they lost my lawn mower, right? So I ask for a loaner while they track it down. They don't do that either. In the meantime, the cost for a lawn service to cut my grass will exceed the cost of a new push mower. Does Sears care? Noooo....I'm beyond frustrated and will continue to vent to anyone who listens about Sear's lack of customer service until they make good on their mess. I purchase my son's tools there, my snowblower, my dehumidifier, as well as my clothes there. This is what I get in return?

    Dear Frustrated_Lisa, We apologize for the confusion surrounding the service on your lawn mower. We can see why you’re upset with it being in the mist of lawn and garden season. We would like to …
  2. Home & Family where can i complain about the repair services offered by sears?

    Dear iwonazbyszek, We are terribly sorry for any trouble you have encountered with our service. We value you as a customer and truly care about your experience. We would like to take this opportuni…
  3. Home & Family Bought Kaser Net'sGo2 7" Android 4.0 Tablet Bundle with 84-key USB Keyboard & No One Helps After It Dies

    Dear edgeiger81, We are terribly sorry to hear that your tablet bundle has failed to meet your expectations and for the difficulties with trying to get this issue resolved. You have come to the rig…
  4. Outdoors We bought a new Kenmore bbq grill in July 2012. We also purchased the Sears Protection Plan. We went to start the grill the other day and it would not ignite. I called the 800# on 7/6/13 to schedule repair service and was told that someone would need to call me back. On 7/10/13 I received a message saying that the earliest someone would be here to look at my grill was on 8/1/13. That's 26 days to get a grill under 1 year old and under warranty and Sears Protection Plan serviced. I called back and was told that there is only one technician in the area that works on grills. Really? One person for Long Island in the summer to work on grills? When I called the 800# number back and asked to speak with a supervisor, I was put on hold for 45 minutes and finally hung up. Clearly, no one was going to pick up the line. I find it totally unacceptable that it would take 4 days to schedule a call to tell me it would take another 26 days to have a service call. Any suggestions?

    Dear Bhofmom, We are truly sorry to hear of the difficulties you are experiencing with your grill and for the delay with getting service out to your home. We certainly understand that we are in th…
  5. Home & Family I have a Kenmore Elite 3 door fridge with bottom freezer and ice maker model # 795.78769.800 the freezer is filling with water and freezing till the ice builds up and starts spilling on floor. I assume the ice maker is leaking ? can you give me advice on how to trouble shoot and fix please

    Dear Fitzgood, We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience and disappointment you are experiencing with your Sears appliance. We would like to speak with you to get a little more detailed informati…
  6. Saving Money wheres my refund

    Dear rios270, Our apologies for the confusion surrounding the refund of your order. We can understand the concern that is being expressed and want to help get this issue resolved as quickly as poss…
  7. Home & Family My refrigerator/freezer has been leaking water from the ice-maker for almost 1 year now. I have had several technicians out to try and fix it.They have replaced the ice dispenser door panel, ice bucket, wiring, checked the heater and replaced the freezer door panel twice. My freezer is still leaking water and they have not fixed the problem. Due to the length of time for each part to be ordered and for the technician to come out to attempt to fix it, my warranty has expired. I was assured by a customer service associate that my warranty would still be valid because I filed the claim while under warranty. The technician has put in his notes he does not know what else to replace on it to fix the problem. Now Sears Protection Associates are telling me they are not going to replace my refrigerator since my warranty expired. I've spoke with several associates over the past year and every one says something different. All I want is my freezer to stop leaking water and for Sears to honor my warranty since they have yet to fix the problem. Who can I speak to that can help me resolve this problem?

    Dear Freezerhelp, Please accept our apologies for the disappointment with our service and for the multiple failed attempts to repair your ice maker. We can see how overwhelming this situation has b…
  8. Home & Family Does Sears seriously care about the customer and its business anymore? I had an issue with a tire purchase I recently made and got back a canned response and absolutely no satisfaction. I recently tried to spend over 2000.00 on new appliances and Sears let my business go over $35.00. Sears had an oven on sale for $719. Stainless was 719 and white 719 but they wanted 845 for black and couldnt answer why black was not a choice at that price. The associate then told me they could match prices from other places, they found 754 at anoother retailer. I told them I was buying 3 appliances and I refuse to pay more for black that I could buy stainless for. They including the store manager refused to sell to me for the $719 so I was forced to go to another business for my appliances. Sears used to be very customer oriented and thats not the case anymore. I truly fear for the retailers future.

    Dear iamronaldmurphy, We are indeed sorry for the discouraging experience you encountered at one of our stores with trying to purchase some new appliances. We certainly understand the concern and f…
  9. Home & Family Why has it been almost a week that I have been waiting to hear back from Management to file a complaint? One of your techs stole a part and the other tech threatened me and NO ONE has contacted me back?

    Dear lwalters313, We are terribly sorry to hear of the unpleasant experience you have encountered with our service and for not receiving a call back from management to discuss your concerns further…
  10. Home & Family Why is my delivering postponed so much?

    Dear lilmizsavage, We are terribly sorry for the confusion surrounding the delivery of your refrigerator and for the inconvenience with rescheduling the expected delivery date. We understand the fr…
  11. Home & Family I placed an order (Order # 463540298) in Feb 11th 2013. Sears could not deliver the item on time, so I cancelled it in February 28. I am still waiting for my refund to come back on my credit card. I called Sears many times and I have not got any right answer. Today is March 18th. I am really disappointed!

    Dear Arm1965, We are terribly sorry to hear that you have yet to receive your refund from your online purchase. We definitely want to help get your money back as quickly as possible. At your conven…
  12. Home & Family Refund Run around Order # Order 449104186 My order was cancelled on January 23, 2013 for a craftsman socket set (by sears). After numerous attempts asking for a refund, here it is almost 2months later & still getting the same run around 3-5 days. I used to be a long time sears customer but after this incident It shows me how bad sears has gotten. As a result I have decided to start taking my hard earned money and shop elsewhere. I believe that customer service is a major factor as to how a company is run. It is apparent by all the complaints on lack or extremely long refund times that sears doesn't care for it's customers. It's very sad & like in my case I would have used that refund to purchase something else from sears, but not now. If anyone knows how I can get through to sears to get MY money back, please advise.

    Dear tnaz71, Please accept our apologies for the frustrations surrounding your refund. We certainly understand the importance of receiving your refund in a timely manner. At your convenience, pleas…
  13. Saving Money I have been loyal customer to Sears and have been a blatant marketer for Sears and SYWR program. Of late, I am seeing Sears is not much interested in customer service and is only interested in short term goal of increasing top line. Below is the recent experience I have had with one of my orders (461277164). I had placed an order for car tires on 2/3. I met with an accident on 2/5 and had to drop my car in a body repair shop. Due to this, I wanted to cancel my order and have been following up with online customer care, Sears Automotive customer care, Sears store and Shop your way membership. Every time I am told that return will be processed immediately and I will get refund soon. Till now I have not received refund. And to my surprise status of the order is now shown as 'Picked Up'. I have spent many hours on phone with the customer care reps and am thoroughly dissatisfied with the way this has been handled so far. Opportunity cost for the amount of time I spent on call and the frustrations I had go through for this is much higher than the refund amount. Now I am at a stage where I wanted to give one last try and then give up and look for a company that values customers. Appreciate if you can resolve this quickly.

    Dear Mailme, We sincerely apologize for the difficulties you have encountered with cancelling your online order and receiving your refund. We want to look into this further to see how we can get th…
  14. Home & Family Will never order from Sears again! Worse ever customer service!

    Dear pause2shop, I am sorry to hear of the frustrating & disappointing experience you've had while trying to do an online return at one of our stores. We certainly don’t intend to make our cu…
  15. Home & Family how can I check my status as to when they are going to credit my debit card per phone conversation with them

    Dear donnalee58, We saw your post here and can understand why you’re posting your concern. My name is Misty with the Sears Cares team and we would like to offer our assistance with resolving your…
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