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Sr. Blogger

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  1. Home & Family What's your favorite Oscar nominated movie?

    12 years a Slave! What a movie man!
  2. Home & Family 6 weeks to repair a Sears purchased extended waranty washer that is 6 month old is not acceptable

    Hi there, deiter! Welcome to MySears! Thanks so much for reaching out on our community and giving us the opportunity to help. I am sorry that you are having such a hard time getting your washer re…
  3. Home & Family I want to know how to return or exchange a mattress that I have had for less than two months. It cost me over 2000.00 and is already sagging really bad and causing me to have back pain. This is the reason that I bought a new mattress in the first place.

    Hi saggingstearns! Happy Thanksgiving!Thanks for visiting MySears today with your question! You should be able to return your item in its original packaging, with your original receipt for a refun…
  4. Home & Family Shipping temporarily unavailable?

    Hi whenstarsalign, Sorry about the inconvenience. Let me check internally with the team on the shipping availability of the dresses. I will keep you updated at the earliest. Thanks!
  5. Outdoors I purchased a tiller 2 days ago. My reciept shows I have 26,166 points with 20,000 to expire on may 29th. Didn't know about points. What can I do with them especially before may29th. Thank you.

    Hi SandraRowland, Are you a new Shop Your Way Rewards member? If so, congrats! This is the most amazing program-you earn points for shopping at Sears or Kmart and you can use those points toward futu…
  6. Home & Family I can't believe Sears sells...

    This is a pretty interesting product indeed. Hey AdamO- Here is the item # for it 00801344000! Let us know if you buy it!
  7. Home & Family Where can I go to see the manual for our Kenmore Progressive Vacuum Cleaner. We have misplaced ours and a part fell off and need to see how to put it back on.

    Hi tealmanNC, You can find a user manual here. Just enter the model# and you should see it. Let us know if this…
  8. Home & Family I have had serious delivery issues with a product ordered from Sears. I have talked with several customer service representatives, had email communications – and the problem is still not resolved. Each time I follow up it is like they never heard of the problem and I have to start from scratch in my explanation - then they say they will move it up for urgent response. Then no response, nothing. I have to call again. I have to email again. And continue to have no resolution to the problem. How do I get someone to actually care about my situation and get it solved?

    Hi s.steele, I am so sorry about the trouble you had to go through. A SearsCares team can help get this resolved for you. Please check back on this thread shortly for a reply. They will do what the…
  9. Home & Family I would like to know where the rest of my order is?

    Hi brendahoward777, Welcome to MySears! Your best bet would be to connect with a customer service representative on sears.…
  10. Home & Family Get entered to win the Battery Tender Junior by answering one simple question!

    Congratulations to Dartnut57 for winning the Battery Tender Junior! Your prize should be on its way! Do let us know when you receive it and how you like the product! More contests coming up on the …
  11. Home & Family Why didnt my Sears store (#0001625) follow the 6pm ticket procedure advertised for the Thanksgiving sale?

    Hi jjb008, We apologize for the unfortunate experience you had at our store. But thank you for letting us know the store# because we can escalate this issue and investigate further into this.
  12. Saving Money Can I buy the Garmin GPS for the Thursday 8.00pm Doorbuster on line for $99.99.

    Hi rzandtz13, You can find all the online Thursday Doorbusters and Black Friday deals here- http://www.sears.com/shc/s/dap_10153_12605_DAP_black-friday-deals You can shop online for Thursday doo…
  13. Home & Family So whenever someone has a real problem, you just remove the blog?

    Hi BigMike4511- We developed a new community so we could continue to hear from our customers and provide them a place to share their feedback. We infact want to encourage you and other members to post…