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Hi Everyone! To share a little bit about me: I have a true passion for helping others. I have been a manager in the Customer Service world for many years now. I am a people person that loves interacting with people daily. I believe a manager manages “things” and leads people. I love learning something new each day! I am an employee of Sears Holdings Corporation. Being with Sears I am able to inspire and create new relationships each day! I am empowered to help and find solutions for both our internal and external members! If something isn’t going right, you love what we are doing or you have a suggestion, I want to hear it! I’m looking forward to hearing from you and getting to know you as one of our valuable community members!

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    So happy to be part of this wonderful team!
  2. Liked this: Saving Money Please provide the email address of Mr. Lambert, CEO Sears.

    You are more than welcome! We were happy to do what we could to help in making this right for you. We so appreciate you taking the time to come back in to share with us. Have a wonderful day!
  3. Liked this: Saving Money Please provide the email address of Mr. Lambert, CEO Sears.

    Ryan, Wendy, Julie, and all the others on the team that helped, Thank you for all your support. You all demonstrated to me that there are still employees in retail that understand and are committed …
  4. Liked this: Home & Family What to do when your Dishwasher won't Drain

    This is a great article for it was one appliance I had never bothered to run maintenance on! Will be checking the drainage from now on!
  5. Liked this: Home & Family Replace rinse aid cap in ken more elite dishwasher

    I must take a moment to thanks Sears community team for very rapidly resolving my issue. After dealing with so many terrible customer service experiences it was a pleasure dealing with Sears. I honest…
  6. Liked this: Saving Money Cyber Monday is today! Are you going to be shopping today?

    I am planning to do some shopping this afternoon. Stocking stuffers, PJs, and undergarments everyone needs are on my list this year. Our dog has eaten a number of my husband's socks so I will be looki…
  7. Liked this: Home & Family Full refund never received, as promised

    Hello. I just got off the phone with Debra R and wanted to express my thanks to her for a satisfactory resolution to this case. I appreciate her customer service and look forward to working with Sea…
  8. Liked this: Food & Cooking Throw a "Grilling" Pizza Party

    What a great idea!
  9. Liked this: Food & Cooking Favorite Fall Recipe?

    Hi Julie – I know what you mean! The weather changes, the shadows lengthen, and I immediately think of soups and stews. Some of my favorite fall recipes feature seasonal ingredients like this …
  10. Liked this: Food & Cooking Favorite Fall Recipe?

    Literally made this yesterday.... 1 pk frozen tortalini 2 cans italian diced tomatoes 1 box or 4 cups vegetable broth 1 small package fresh spinach 8oz cream cheese (cut into chunks) Add al…
  11. Liked this: Food & Cooking Favorite Fall Recipe?

    We love chili! When the weather turns cooler, we start cooking up a lot of chili. I generally prefer veggie chili but we also use ground turkey and like chicken & white bean chili too! I have noti…
  12. Liked this: Heroes at Home Heroes at Home Wish Registry Registration Opens 8/29 at 1PM Central

    Last night my husband and I were talking about our budget. It got mentioned that Christmas wasn't going to be much this year. Today my mother in law called to tell me about this program. My husband is…
  13. Liked this: Saving Money Big Back to School Day-were you ready?

    No kiddos going back to school in my household but I heard school buses zooming by my house this morning! The back to school buzz is totally in the air around here right now. Families seem to be slowi…
  14. Liked this: Home & Family I am at a loss for why a sears outlet store would sell us a Kenmore Elite Washer on Thursday that has been recalled about 5 months ago! It clearly is our model number that is recalled. Supposedly this appliance went through "tests" and was inspected before going to the outlet. I thought we were buying a scratched or dented appliance not a defective one! So now I am moved into my new house but without a washing machine for over a week until a service tech comes out. What is he going to say or do with a recalled product that shakes so bad it is ready to fall over? Unbelievable Sears!

    Thanks to the sears customer service for notifying our sales person. He had a replacement washer sent over today and it seems to be working fine. This new one has a sticker to say don't wash water rep…
  15. Liked this: Home & Family Is there an easy way to download saved and taped segments onto DVDs from Verizon Fios? The tech installer had NO clue how to make hard copies of favorite shows.

    I imagine that you are asking this question because you have favorite shows that you want to save and watch away from your DVR. There are ways to copy shows to your computer using USB video capture de…
  16. Liked this: Home & Family Meet Our New Electronics Expert - Barb Gonzalez

    Welcome Barb! So great to have you here in the Community. Look forward to reading your techie tips & tricks! :)
  17. Liked this: Home & Family My kids are asking for a PlayStation Vita for Christmas...

    Hi -- My son has had most of these handheld game devices. If your kids know which games they want to play, they should choose the device they like that will play those games. A benefit to the Vita …
  18. Liked this: Saving Money Received e-mail about survey said 7 days to take. Tryed as soon as I read e-mail said survey was expired.

    Hi scouts! Sorry about that! The link should be working again-hope you can give it another try!
  19. Liked this: Saving Money I got a email from MySears/MyKmart Communities Product Review Follow Up Survey - Need Your Feedback! it's already saying This survey has expired. But I just got the email/??

    Hi Folks! Give it another try, please! A little glitch, but all should be working again! Sorry about that!
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