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  1. Outdoors I have a sears YT4000 riding mover I bought in the fall of 2011 that I just discovered that I left the ignition on when I last used it about three weeks ago. The battery was dead but even worse, my hour meter shows about 60 more hours on it than it actually has. How do I fit this????

    Hillman-mike: I would suggest the same thing as Adam O recommended and that is to just start the tractor and let it run at full RPM for a hour to see if the battery will take a charge. If it does not …
  2. Home & Family i have a kenmore 30" elelctric builtin oven, while cooking the code F9 came up and oven shut down, there went pumkin pies that were cooking, do not know what code is and what to do

    The F9 is usually accompanyed by a E0 in the display The F9 E0 error code will usually occur during installation, but it could also appear at a later point in the appliance life if a bake element, or…
  3. Outdoors Is there an oil drain extension available for the Sears 30" model 25000 tractor? What a mess I made trying to attach the included oil chute that came with the mower. HELP

    derjimmer. Your riding lawn mower should have come with the drain trough that may have been in the use and care manual package. You can position it in the drain port. Pre-loosen the drain plug as illu…
  4. Home & Family I have a kitchen water faucet that has what I call a goose neck. When I turn the water on, there is a hesitation befor water starts to flow and sound like there is air in the system. I cannot find any cause; no change in water system, pipes, water pressure, or anything that I can see. What is happening and how can I fix it.

    Retcounselor. Air in the water lines is a natural occurrence with air bubbles in the water lines and they will accumulate at the faucet head. Please make sure that your aerator is clean on the end of …
  5. Outdoors There is a dangerous design flaw in the DieHard Portable Power 1150. I have called six different numbers at Sears, including Customer Service, without finding anyone who could discuss the danger or tell me who I should call to discuss it. When the user energizes the USB charging port, they also energize the battery clamps. If I am charging a cell phone and someone touches the clamps, they could be severely injured. The USB port and the clamps should be controlled by separate switches. I should also have been able to discuss my concern with a knowledgeable person long before this.

    Thank you physicsandchem for your concern with the portable power units design. I have forwarded your concern to the home office saftey division for there review. Thank you again for noticing th…
  6. Outdoors I have a Craftsman 18 HP lawn tractor. I think it is 2003, model number 917.272754. Will the 14 inch snow blade fit this tractor? Thanks.

    Renllig T. This is the information on the snow blade from Sears.com 42 in. wide blade angles center, left or right, and is 14 in. high. It lifts with lever from driver seat. Fits Craftsman Lawn, Y…
  7. Outdoors I have a Craftsman 18 HP lawn tractor. I think it is 2003, model number 917.272754. Will the 14 inch snow blade fit this tractor? Thanks.

    Renllig T. You are correct that this tractor was made in 2003. The correct stock number for the snow blade for this tractor is 24441.
  8. Outdoors what leaf bagger will work with my 38 inch tractor model 917.25466

    mseverance: The bagger that will fit your 917.254660 38inch deck tractor is part number 24948 which you can visit Sears Parts Direct.com to purchase.