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I have been a field technician for many years. I have worked for a few different companies and also had my own business for several years. I offer common sense solutions for your needs. I have been an employee of Sears for nearly 20 years. Professional Degrees and Certifications: I have multiple certificates of training completion and receive ongoing training on appliance repair. I have been a licensed and certified HVAC technician for many years.

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  1. Home & Family My kenmore elite fridge lights won't shut off and started to melt plastic around the light socket. Several website state that kenmore has extended he warranty for life for this problem. Is this correct?

    Crystal, yes, the warranty for this particular problem has been extended for the life of the unit. You may be told that there will be a charge but when the tech arrives and finds this type of problem …
  2. Home & Family My kenmore elite fridge lights won't shut off and started to melt plastic around the light socket. Several website state that kenmore has extended he warranty for life for this problem. Is this correct?

    Hello Crystal, I'm sorry you are having the problem with the light and I can understand your concern. This has been an issue with many units and the warranty has been extended for this problem. There …
  3. Home & Family I just purchased a Kenmore Elite refrigerator and the water filter needs replacing but I cannot get it out. I tried turning the water off to lessen the pressure but it still did not pull out. What should I do?

    JudyLou, I'm sorry you are having this problem with the filter. Unfortunately, the model number is not listed and I will only be able to provide some general information. If this is a pull out filter,…
  4. Home & Family The small green light in the garage door opener flickers and the light on the opener itself will not turn off.

    Dempsey, I'm sorry you are having this problem with the GDO. Without the model number, I will not be able to provide specific information. However, if the green light is flickering, it's probably show…
  5. Home & Family I have a craftsman half horsepower garage door opener the remotes are not working the model number is 1395 39 75 SRT 1

    I'm sorry you are having this problem with the remotes. Based on the information listed, this would appear to lead to a defective logic board. First, I would recommend erasing all codes and then try t…
  6. Home & Family Have a craftsman 1/2 hp garage door opener. Universal Clicker will not close the door but it will open it. Help!

    I'm sorry you are still having this problem with the GDO. The model number is not listed but generally ten flashes of the light tells you there is a problem with the door safety sensor circuit. If the…
  7. Home & Family I have two Craftsman 1/2 hp garage door openers (model #139.53677SRT1). Recently one of the remotes quit working and I assumed a dead battery. After changing the battery, I attempted to re-program the remote when it didn't work. The instructions for re-programming didn't work and I ended up resetting the codes altogether by pressing and holding the red SRT (learn) button. Now I can only get one remote to program correctly. I have three remotes and all worked fine at one time, but I cannot duplicate that. I have a keypad entry that will work and a Homelink system in one vehicle that will work, but only ONE remote will work at a time. And it doesn't matter which one...I can program any one of them to work BUT only one will program at a time. I have tried following the written instructions that tell me to press and hold the remote button, then press the learn button to program...but that doesn't work. I have tried pressing (and not holding) the learn button, then pressing (and not holding) the remote button, but that doesn't work either. NOTHING works as it should. At this point, the aluminum bat in my garage seems to be the best alternative to try for a "fix"; however, I would prefer to avoid that step and get my system back to its original status...which is having three separate remotes, the keypad and the Homelink system all working correctly. Any advice?

    I'm sorry you are having this problem with the GDO. Based on the information listed, this would appear to be a defective logic board. The board # 41A5021-3G is available at SearsPartsDirect. The link …
  8. Home & Family I have a 139.53930DM garage door opener purchased and installed in July 2013. One of the two remotes has stopped working. I installed a new battery and I also followed the reprogramming instructions but the remote will not activate the door. I can see by watching the blinking on the motor that the remote is sending a signal. Do I need to buy a new 139.53753 remote or is this part still under warranty? Please help, I need to get this operational and we really need a third remote since we have a detached garage. If I have to buy a remote I might as well buy two of them at once.

    I see you have already replaced the battery. I recommend erasing all of the codes and then try reprogramming. If you have the same problem then the remote is probably bad. You may need to purchase a n…
  9. Home & Family I have a Kenmore Model# 795.72034.111 refrigerator and the ice maker stopped working. I changed the water filter yesterday thinking that may be the problem. I have since noticed the ice tray is upside down in the dispensing position and will not reset. Any thoughts or recomendations?

    Hello Fran_O, I will assist you this morning since Fred is not here yet. I'm sorry the icemaker did not respond to the test. Unfortunately, this style of icemaker does not have a fill key (button) to …
  10. Home & Family what valves go into what location on the stove top when changing from LP gas to propane?

    Gundog13, thank you for your question. Both the left and right rear burners are 5k. The left front is 16k, the right front is 12k and the center is 7k. Conversion from natural to LP can be very danger…
  11. Home & Family My Kenmore freestanding electric range gets F10 Error

    Eroy, if the sensor ohmed out ok and it still overheats, the control will need to be replaced. For more model specific information, you can reply back with the complete model number and we will be gla…
  12. Home & Family the-oven-racks-in-kenmore-elite-model-79031043302-fall-down-and-have-caused-burns/

    I'm sorry you are having this problem with the oven racks. According to your symptoms, it sounds like the sides of the oven cavity have bowed out. The oven cavity would need to be replaced to fix this…
  13. Saving Money I have an F30 error message on my Kenmore Range. What does that mean?

    Thank you for the model number. The temperature sensor will be mounted on the back wall. First, disconnect the power. Remove the screws holding the sensor in place and now pull it out far enough to di…
  14. Home & Family I have a kenmore elite he4 electric dryer and it will not turn on. ther is power to the dryer because the lights are working. when I set the timer and press the start button it just beeps 3 quick beeps and will not start. Can anyone tell me what it could be?

    KimHamm, Fred is not here today, so I'm stepping in to help you. Unfortunately, there are not any instruction manuals for this. However, a good place to start with the lid switch, will be to manually …
  15. Food & Cooking why does my water dispencer freeze up occasionaly

    This would be very unusual for the dispenser reservoir to freeze because it's located inside the refrigerator door. This area is secluded with no air flow and would be very difficult to freeze. If the…
  16. Home & Family Kenmore coldspot not making ice

    Hello Kymoon, I know it can be disappointing when the icemaker stops working. Without the model number, I will only be able to provide some general information. In many cases, the fill tube behind the…
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