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  1. Home & Family Replacing water tank on trio 795.75199401

    Hi Mallias! Welcome to the MySears Community! We appreciate you reaching out to our Sears Experts in helping with the replacement of your water tank. Once one of our Experts responds we will …
  2. Outdoors What Would Be Your Dream Backyard?

    The waterfront would be another great view madgolfer. I love the golf course idea too!
  3. Home & Family I want to edit my screen name

    Hi lurzj001! In viewing your username within your post we are seeing your full email address. Please let us know if still needing user name changed so we can see if this option is available. …
  4. Home & Family trouble with checking out. shopping cart won't display instate I see blank page. I contacted customer service and nothing. they didn't resolve the error.

    Hi gana0410! I am sorry to hear that you are continuing to have issues. Can you please provide the product page link, and browser being used? In doing so we can share with the technical team. …
  5. Outdoors how do I reset my wireless keypad for my craftsman garage door opener? It is a 1995 opener and model number is 39.53637SRT

    Hi Sis1964! Welcome to the MySears Community! We appreciate you reaching out on this issue and will be putting you in touch with our Sears Electronic Experts to help with some troubleshooting ti…
  6. Home & Family Sears damaged my vehicle

    Hi ubenmosh! Welcome to the MySears Community! We appreciate you bringing this issue to our attention and completely understand how upsetting this has been for you. I would be happy to connect y…
  7. Home & Family how do i get custom service to actually help me

    Hi hserrano82! Welcome to the MySears Community! We appreciate you bringing this issue to our attention and completely understand how upsetting this has been for you. I would be happy to connect…
  8. Outdoors What Would Be Your Dream Backyard?

    Well that makes it nice! Besides flipping houses are you a mechanic of sorts? You seem very knowledgeable when reaching out to help members in the Community! I have always been amazed with the flip…
  9. Home & Family Unacceptable experience--delivery delayed by 4 days

    Hi Beth! We appreciate the update. Please keep us posted on the outcome and let us know if any issues or concerns. Thank you!
  10. Home & Family How can I get Sears to listen? Purchased appliances in January 2014. Delivered in January. Have received phone calls and emails notifying delivery dates for appliances. Have gone to sears in person, spoke to sales people, have called the # on the email, spoke to managers who in turn spoke to warehouse reps. Have been told all corrections have been made. Yesterday, spoke to Ramon regarding delivery today. He said all corrected. Received an email indicating delivery for the 18th. Again, called spoke to Ramon . Can you solve your computer glitch or can we give all these extra free appliances to those in need?

    Hi josaroni! Welcome to the MySears Community! We appreciate you sharing your feedback with us in regards to the issues with continuing to receive delivery updates. I would like to put you in…
  11. Home & Family Where can I make complaints regarding delivery issues?

    Hi stillwaitingintx! I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with a delivery as well as assistance. To help you on these issues I have forwarded your concerns to our Sears Cares team. Once…
  12. Home & Family I wish I could have read about Sears Service Reviews before purchasing the TV. On April, 12 2014 we purchased a Samsung LED TV from Sears, Tuttle Mall. When we came back home and opened the box other than TV Panel and Stand everything was missing. On top of that the LED Panel was not the same what it had to be. Our excitement was ruined at that very moment. On April, 13 2014 when we went back to show this to the Brand Central Manager Josh, he responded the we cannot do anything on this you have to directly deal with Samsung. I mean we have purchased the TV from Sears and Sears representative gives such response to the customer then what is the point purchasing anything from Sears. Josh was behaving like we had taken out parts and we wanted to take advantage of the same. Me and wife felt really humiliating at that point. If I get the refund of my amount then I'd be more than happy to break relations with Sears and from now onwards I'd never purchase anything from Sears.

    Hi PatheticResponse! We appreciate you sharing your feedback with us and would very much like to make sure that the information you have received has been provided accurately and that you are takin…
  13. Outdoors What Would Be Your Dream Backyard?

    Niccceee! I would have added a pool to the mix except Oregon is to bi-polar to really invest in one. As for the hot tub? Yep, I can add that on the other end of the house! LOL My other backyard dre…
  14. Saving Money Does Sears purposefully try to confuse it's customers?

    Hi Mtem! We appreciate you sharing your feedback with us on this issue! I have forwarded your feedback and concerns onto the team. Thank you!
  15. Home & Family Why did I get 24 hour service when I didn't have a warranty and now that I bought one, service takes 2 weeks?

    Hi eclipsegroupie! Welcome to the MySears Community! I am sorry to hear that your service is 2 weeks out. Please call our Home Services at 1-800-295-4809 for they can help you further with your …
  16. Outdoors Let me make sure I understand. I take my mower for repairs and specifically list "oil leak" and loss of power. Your repair facility wipes the oil off, changes the spark plug and air filter and sends the mower back without even attempting to find the oil leak. I mow for 25 minutes and oil is again leaking down the sides and rear of my mower. I make a video showing the oil residue and oil standing on the mower deck in at least 2 different places and return the mower with a repair ticket that says only "oil leaks not addressed on previous work ticket #1917036". You repair facility has the mower for 7 more days and I get an email from you stating they could find no oil leak and were returning the mower AFTER DOING NOTHING! I request they clean the oil from the mower deck and air filter and run the mower for 30 minutes before it is returned. Then the "senior tech" claims he found an oil leak in the air filter gasket, replaced it and again sent the mower back WITHOUT EVEN TRYING to find the other oil leaks. After taking my mower home again and just a visual inspection, it is obvious your repair facility has again made no attempt to find the oil leak, since they haven't even cleaned the old oil and residue off, and again, after running the mower for 20 minutes, oil is running down the sides and rear of the engine. At this point it is very apparent your repair center is either absolutely incompetent OR they have no intention of honoring my protection agreement. I take the mower apart, find the VERY OBVIOUS oil leak, make another video to show your "highly trained" technicians where the oil is pouring out the top of the engine and send it in AGAIN for the same repairs that were supposed to have been done back in February. NOW after 2 opportunities and 10 days to do repairs, ON WHICH THEY REFUSED TO EVEN ATTEMPT TO FIND THE OIL LEAK, I'm going to be without my mower for another 2 weeks and NOW instead of replacing a mower with a MAJOR engine problem, your service advisor feels it's imperative to fix the problem that they NEVER would have looked for or found if I had not done my videos instead of replacing the faulty product. I do not feel this is the right decision nor do I have any faith that your repair center is capable of fixing something they could NOT EVEN FIND after 2 trips to their facility. At this point, after the hassle and frustration since February, and the incompetent and dishonest treatment from your repair center, who do I speak to about a FULL refund of the money spent on the “protection agreement “. It is NOT worth the paper it’s written on!!

    Hi there, rogero51! Welcome to the MySears Community! We appreciate you sharing your feedback with us the repairs of your lawn mower and bringing this issue to our attention. I would like t…
  17. Home & Family How to sync up the wall units to the garage door opener?

    Hi RJSin88! Welcome to the MySears Community! I would be happy to forward and have our Sears Electronic Experts help with some trouble shooting tips. Do you by chance know the model number to…
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