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  1. Heroes at Home Hey there. I have a problem with my Craftsman 1/2 HP garage door opener (Moder #: 139.53915DM, Serial #: 03436100725) shutting and the only way it will shut is if I hold down the wall switch. I'm gonna fix this today if it kills me lol. I know I won't get a response today since it's Sunday, but I decided to put my issue here just in case someone else hase this specific issue I don't see on any of the garage door problem questions. The sensor lights do not light up no matter which way they are connected to the opener. The learn button blinks once when the sensors are connected telling me they are damaged/not connected. When I loop the sensor circuit, it blinks twice, telling me the wires are reversed. Any input would be most appreciated.

    Hi ShadetreeDIYpro! Welcome to the MySears Community! We appreciate you reaching out for assistance and would be happy to forward your inquiries to our Sears Electronic Experts to help on this i…
  2. Home & Family My sears garage door opener will not close. The sensor lights are both green. The light on the back of the unit flashes five times, stops, and repeats. Please give suggestions.

    Hi FrankB1540! Welcome to the MySears Community! We appreciate you reaching out for assistance. Do you by chance know the model number to your unit? This may be helpful to our Sears Electroni…
  3. Home & Family Does the Sears furniture require you to assemble it?

    Hi Reese510655! In talking with our Sears online chat, it has been recommended for you to contact our toll free Sears Install…
  4. Home & Family Only 5 months after warranty I have the famous F2E2 on my top of the line Kenmore Elite dishwasher. What do I do?

    Hi jwolfg, Welcome to the MySears Community! Do you by chance know the model number to your unit? This may be helpful to our Sears Appliance Experts in helping to answer your inquiry. Once on…
  5. Home & Family Does the Sears furniture require you to assemble it?

    Hi Reese510655! Welcome to the MySears Community! We appreciate you reaching out with your inquiry. Not knowing specifically what type of furniture you are referring to, please call our
  6. Home & Family Posted my issue with a double charge on my credit card for a dryer, the double charge was because sears website cannot figure out which states should charge for installation. Called multiple times. A Sarah called to say that she called my local store who delivered my dryer as they are supposed to credit me and she would follow up. Big surprise still no credit or follow up. When I called again today , twice, one person just disconnect while on hold for 20 minutes, the next one first had the nerve to tell me to.call the store. I BOUGHT IT ONLINE WHY DO I HAVE TO CALL A STORE

    Hi mdl96789! We appreciate you sharing your concerns with us on reaching out for assistance for a double charge to your account. I am putting you in touch with our Sears Cares team so that a ded…
  7. Home & Family I want to know how I can get ahold of a competent person who can finally give me some answers and results to a major problem. I ordered a split queen box spring on March 22nd and received only one half of my box spring on March 27th. I then went to the store I called and ordered from to have to get someone paged 3 time and waiting 15 minutes for help. Once a person finally came they told me that they couldn't help me because Sears has a call center that takes calls if no one is on the floor. The lady at the call center only ordered me one half of my bed. Now who would ever order half of a box spring? I called back the call center to only get charged double the price and delivery charge. The salesperson at the store then took over and after a half hour of arguing and research got my price to the normal price but I still got charged for shipping. I was told there would be a credit on my visa as an apology. Now on my credit card there is a charge of 207.79 and no credit for a delivery charge. I was told I would get a confirmation and a survey to take and I have still yet to receive them. I called only to be told they couldn't credit my account so they will send a check. It took me calling to find out that information. I have been sleeping on the couch for the past week and will have to continue to sleep there until my other half arrives. I am extremely disappointed in my sears experience. I haven't used sears since I bought a lawn mower there and had to get repairs multiple times in the first few months. How is this going to be fixed?

    Hi Michigan411! Welcome to the MySears Community! We appreciate you sharing your concerns with us on this issue and am sorry to hear that you have not received your credit. I would like to pu…
  8. Saving Money Why could I not redeem my "Personalized Offer" -$10 off $35 in Lands' End, for a pair of $59 L.E shoes ?

    Hi AuntieMeme! Welcome to the MySears Community! I am sorry to hear that you had issues in redeeming your "Personalized offer". For assistance with this issue, please call our Sears.com Customer…
  9. Home & Family What Happened to the Craftsman Sockets on Sears.com??????

    Hi GardenTractorMan! Welcome to the MySears Community! We appreciate your inquiry and are reaching out to our contacts to see if we can help in answering your question. An update will be post…
  10. Holidays & Parties Anyone have big plans for Easter?

    We normally have a big meal with family but this year will be extra special since my grand-daughter now understands the concept of "searching for eggs". Last week we she had picked out our Easter d…
  11. Home & Family I would like someone from management to contact me from Sears. someone high enough to help me with this problem. Thanks

    Hi ssorensen, We appreciate you providing an update on your status and are very sorry to hear that your concerns have not been resolved. Your concerns are important and have been forwarded to ou…
  12. Health & Fitness How can I get my money back? I purchased a Sole elliptical 16 months ago. It broke. Two weeks later a serviceman came without parts and had to order them. He scheduled to come back in two weeks when the parts got here. The parts never came. The parts were on back order for another 2.5 months. After hours of battling the rudest and condescending service people over the phone. I was to go pick out anther model. I had to pick a Nordic Track for less money. My 5 year extended warranty does not transfer to Nordic Trak and they won't give me back the difference. My new Nortic Trak came in broken. Nordic Trak said it needed a part and is on back order. It's been 3 weeks and no part. They won't give me my money back or fix a brand new machine. Anybody got any ideas?

    Hi there, rpaese! Welcome to the MySears Community! We appreciate you sharing your feedback with us on the issues you are experiencing with your repair visits on both units. I have forwarded y…
  13. Home & Family Unacceptable and repeated service calls for the same appliance. Who can contact me and resolve anything at Sears?

    Hi diana.hughes! We appreciate you contacting us this issue and we thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. To help in assisting to meet your needs, I will be putting you in contac…
  14. Home & Family Very unhappy!!! I had a layaway for a watch, my order was canceled without letting me know and I haven't received a refund for the amount I put down! Very dissapointed AGAIN!!!!

  15. Home & Family how to get sears job application forms

    Hi refgardingfininsur! Welcome to the MySears Community! I have was able to pull up a list of openings in
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