1. Home & Family Dear Sears Customer Solutions, I have called parts and warranty dept., trying to resolve my problem with my Utility Pump. I use it to drain out my pool, and it has stopped working. I can hear it hum, but no water comes out. I've done everything short of taking it apart, which wouldn't show me anything I would understand, anyway. Owners manual says I have a 3 year limited lifetime warranty, which says it will be replaced free of charge. I bought it a little over a year ago. I took it into my area sears parts store and they said I needed to contact Sears online, and it would be replaced. But the last time I was on the phone with Sears for 25 minutes, which ended with the Sears employee saying I needed to talk to the Sears Customer Solutions Dept., and then our connection was bad and I couldn't hear him. Everyone was very nice to me, but I need this resolved. Kids are waiting for the pool to open and I still have a little water to remove before I can paint and refill it. Please help! My name: Dan D. XXXX Craftsman Professional Submersible Utility Pump 1/4 hp $85.49 Date purchased, 3-21-12 Model #: 309.2655 Address: 12xxxx Portland Ave, xxxxx, MN