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  2. Home & Family I've been trying to get a replacement fridge delivered for a week now. My new fridge didn't make it 24 hours until it malfunctioned. I called the store, and they've offered to replace it, but getting it delivered is like pulling teeth. When I call the store, they say they'll take care of it, and then it doesn't get taken care of. Your "third party" delivery service apparently doesn't communicate with the store, and your offshore customer service center doesn't communicate with anyone very well--internally or externally. Who thought it was a good idea to schedule a delivery date, but then tell the customer that "someone will call you between 6-9 p.m. the night before your delivery date to advise you of your delivery window"? Do you really think that people like these kinds of "surprises"? Being informed on the shortest of notices that they'll be missing a half of day of work to accommodate YOUR SCHEDULE? I've asked the store, the delivery company, and your customer service department on at least half a dozen occasions to have a supervisor call me, since the people I'm speaking to seem unwilling or incapable of helping (perhaps they just don't care?) This has become the worst customer service experience of my life. I want to get this issue resolved, but no one in your company is an advocate for the customer. Over the last week, I've spent at least 4 hours on the phone with someone claiming to represent your company (store, delivery, customer service call center in India....), and each time, they ask me the same questions: does anyone there keep any notes about the problems your customers are experiencing? Sears has screwed up royally, but no one takes any ownership, and there's absolutely no consideration about making accommodations for the customer. Most companies would jump through hoops for the amount of money I spent with your store, but not Sears. I either want my new replacement refrigerator delivered at MY convenience (Im only asking for a late afternoon delivery), or you can send an empty truck to pick up the one that lasted less than 24 hours and refund my money. It's no wonder Sears is going down the tubes, with the apparent blatant disregard for anything that remotely passes for customer service.'