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  1. Home & Family Ordered a dryer + parts on 11/2/13. 1st ‘your order is ready’ came on 11/3/13 that was for the hose and other parts. 2nd ‘your order is ready’ arrived on 11/5/13 for dryer & propane converter. 11/9/13 took out old dryer and drove 35 miles to get dryer, converter, + the rest. OOPS, no dryer, email sent in error. Told to wait for another ‘your order is ready’. It never came. No dryer, but Sears charged credit card (the only charge on card) we got the bill, but no dryer. I called on 11/18/13, sure enough dryer + converter is at store. Again we go to pick it up, they couldn’t find the propane thing, my husband said he wasn’t leaving until he got everything to install dryer, meaning we had to have the propane kit. So this manager went and brought out a propane kit. We had to hire a service guy to install propane kit, wrong kit - it won’t work on our dryer. I called Sears, explained we were given the wrong part, she says she can ship it, we’ll get it in 3-5 days, cost $10.99 for part and $79.99 shipping! Outrageous!!!! Your mistake in the 1st place and you’ll charge me $80 in shipping. Husband got in car and actually found the right part at another SEars store. But he couldn't return the wrong propane kit because his receipt was for another kit. Duh! I’ve bought a lot of appliances from Sears in the past, but never again. I promise. After reading some of these other posts, I think I got off lucky, so far. Your robotic answers are stupid and insulting to customers. I don’t want your ‘happy to assist you’ or ‘we’ll get back to you’ ****. I want nothing from any of you, but maybe someone will see some of these posts and not waste their time and money with your Sorry company. You do not know the meaning of customer service.