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  1. Home & Family where can i complain about the repair services offered by sears?

    One of the lovely conditions we all agree to when we buy from them is we won't sue them, no class action either. Call state attorney generals office.
  2. Home & Family How do I send a letter to the CEO about terrible customer experience?

    Sears asks dnna how can they help, but not the person who posted? Weird. Sears makes it super hard to shop there, that's why I don't anymore. Call your state attorney generals office, consumer protect…
  3. Home & Family I have written a letter about a recent experience at Sears. I would like to send it to a district manager. Do you know who I can send that to?

    It doesn't look like your going to get an address. Maybe you could send the letter to your local newspaper's editorial section. Someone from Sears might see it that way. Heck send it to many newspaper…
  4. Saving Money I'd like to file a complaint against Sears with the Better Business Bureau. They don't honor the terms of their protection agreements. Do I file in my county or the county where their headquarters is located?

    Here is a link to the BBB. http://www.bbb.org/chicago/business-reviews/department-stores/sears-holdings-corporation-in-hoffman-estates-il-5305/complaints Sears is an accredited company with the BBB, …
  5. Home & Family How do you get anyone to deal with a appliance warranty that has gone 7 months without repair completed?

    Seriously? 7 months, sounds like your warranty will run out before it gets fixed. Throw in the towel on Sears, if you want it fixed call someone else.
  6. Home & Family We have been trying to get our dryer fixed for 5 weeks! We've heard every excuse, can't find the part, back ordered, we would receive it on a certain day (we did not), weather caused the delay, etc. When we call and ask to speak to someone that can help us we're told that they can't transfer us to that department and can't tell us why. We ask to speak to a supervisor have been put on hold for an hour and a half then hung up on. We have every call documented and have requested that conversations be recorded. We purchased a service agreement and want someone to help us get our dryer fixed NOW or tell us how to get them to honor the contract and replace the dryer. Please help, 5 weeks is completely unreasonable!

    Never mind the service agreement, you'll freeze waiting for Sears to help. Call another service company, bill Sears. That's what I would do. Then call your state Attorney General's office - consumer p…
  7. Outdoors I purchased a lawn tractor part and was given the wrong part and was told I could not return or exchange it. Where do I go from here?

    When we bought dryer from SEars, they sent the wrong propane converter kit, since the receipt did not match the item number, we could not return it either. Sears is not customer friendly, and will be …
  8. Food & Cooking I received my order of the bunn coffeemaker and there was no jugs for the coffe to spill into. On the picture it show 3 of them. Do I have to order those again? I spent over $400.00 already. Please see if there was another box sent with it that I don't kmow of. Thank you

    I've bought 2 Bunn coffee makers, they both came with the decanter. But I buy through Costco, so I know they will deliver. And if I do have a problem Costco is the best about making it right. Sears ma…
  9. Home & Family the-oven-racks-in-kenmore-elite-model-79031043302-fall-down-and-have-caused-burns/

    Lots have problems with this, check out this link or Google reviews for Kenmore elite ovens. http://www.consumeraffairs.com/homeowners/kenmore_ovens.html
  10. Saving Money I have 9060 in base points and 90,000 in bonus point....how much are they worth?

    Did you want to know how much money do those points equal? If so, Sears answer is not helpful at all to me. Sounds like jibber jabber.
  11. Food & Cooking i have a kenmore refrigerator. the ice maker has never worked. the ice maker is on block of ice and does allow cube or crushed ice. have called local store personnel with no satisfaction. how do i get some help to fix my problem

    There is a new Facebook page for unhappy Sears customers - Make Sears Care. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Make-Sears-Care/244302169066081?ref=stream&hc_location=stream
  12. Home & Family Very Poor Service, no help provided, called 877-331-3667 and asked twice for a supervisor to call me back; however, no one did.

    There is a Facebook page called Make Sears Care, a phone number on that page might help. 847-286-2500 - tell them you want to file an “Executive Complaint.” Good luck!
  13. Home & Family Who can help me get a refund because of poor service and communication?

    Check this out, might tell you something. Good luck! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXH5MWzZJKM
  14. Home & Family Who can help me get a refund because of poor service and communication?

    Hey, I've heard of this F1 error before, google it.
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