1. Home & Family My husband had called our local Sears here in Sequim, WA and asked some simple questions about Warrenty on our comapnys mower we bought a year ago. First the Manager was very snippy and rude to my husband for absoultly NO reason! Second my husband forgot the number for the Warrenty at home so he stopped in to ask for the number again. Heres where all **** broke loose: He walked in found the manager and was about to ask what the number was again and the manager started yelling at him! The manager got in my husbands face and just went off saying " I already told you NO RETURNS ON MOWERS AFTER 30 DAYS!! OKAY?!!!" My husband was taken back! He could not believe that the manager or owner was yelling at him for simply asking for the 1-800 number again! We have a child and this is not something our child should ever be around! Please fix this matter ASAP!!!!! I will not return to our local Sequim Sears if this is how they treat their customers!