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  1. Home & Family Having to wait 9 days for a dryer repair (dryer is less than a year old) is ridiculous! Just got off the phone with "Customer Care". I really think the name should be changed to "No Customer Care"! The 3 people that I talked to trying to set up a repair time for my dryer that we purchased an extended warranty for all asked, "How is your day going?, What is your name , phone number, address, then what can I help you with?" Three times I had to answer these same questions, repeat my name and phone number to 2 of them a second time! Then I'm told it is scheduled for June 27th (9 days later)! When I asked what I was supposed to do in the meantime they said that I could be reimbursed for taking my clothes somewhere to dry them, or I could rent a dryer. Well what am I supposed to do with the non functioning Kenmore dryer? I had no idea that the repair people will not came out for weeks when we purchased the extended warranty. We have purchased many appliances over our 32 years of marriage and have just recently purchased a washing machine, dryer, and television from Sears because we thought it was an upstanding company (My uncle was a Sears repairman all of his life and he believed in your company, but he would be ashamed of how the customers are being treated now), but now I have to say...I won't be making any more purchases for Sears if this is not taken care of in a more timely manner. Is there any way to get this repair done sooner?