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  1. Home & Family I hate this Smoke and Mirror stuff Sears is doing to pretend they care. Just go back to selling quality and stop the " Your call is important to us " stuff .

    Tools: Craftsman's Lifetime warranty used to mean the tools were so good you wont be back. Now it means we sell junk and hope you will get tired of bringing them back. Cross wrench for the Lugs on…
  2. Health & Fitness how much calories do we burn on running on trademill for 30 min?

    Depends on your health and how fast were you running?
  3. Outdoors If I buiy a lawn tractor at Sears Prices Corner, Delaware, can I just add gas from a jug and drive it away? I live fairly close and considering transport costs, this time of year may be a good time to drive away a floor model. Are floor models properly assembled--bolts tightened, oiled up, etc?

    I would check the oil and air pressure in tires. Of course the 'kid' in the back room that assembled it hates his job so make sure to go over the whole thing when you get it home. I would make …
  4. Food & Cooking Freezer is cold, fridge is not.

    By any chance are you getting water drippage into the refrig part? Many times the Freezer's auto defroster causes water to build up and freeze in the area that is meant to cool the refrig. Take th…
  5. Outdoors Garage door opener won't close consistently

    Unlock it from the Door Opener and close it by hand to see if there is a binding as you close the door. The door tracks might be binding enough to set off the Safety feture of reopening the door.