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  1. Home & Family Trying to get refund for Sears refrigerator repair for $114.99 on April 25, 2013 that had to be repaired again on July 15, 2013. The repair on 4/25 was the second repair for the same issue in two years. The repair (not from Sears) on 7/15/2013 was again for the same issue and fell within the service warranty. The 7/15 repair was done by new property manager as I live out of state. The property manager did not know it had recently been repaired by Sears and was under repair warranty, so called her own repair person to fix it and I had to pay $115 for this repair. I called Sears on 7/29/13 to request refund, and called again on 8/15 as I had not received one. I called again today 9/11/13 and was told they were not going to give me a refund. Then they offered me a $65 refund. I am requesting that the balance of $49.99 also be sent to me. If it isn't I will NEVER again buy anything from Sears and that is a guarantee that will be honored.