1. Home & Family Hi...I have a KENMORE ELITE RANGE, double oven, model number 79098023801 manufactured in Nov. 2009. We have had this oven for just under 4 years and of course it is out of warranty. Over the past many months the oven racks no longer fit in the oven. They fell when I put something in the oven to cook. I went through 2 days of trying to get to someone to understand my problem. After much frustration, a technician came in and said that the oven walls had expanded and that this was a defect of the manufacturer. He literally "banged" it back in place by taking off the outside oven panel and hitting it back in place BUT it will probably expand again. Sears will not come good for this and acknowledge that there is an actual defect in the range. I reported the problem to CPSC.GOV as an unsafe product. I almost burned myself on many occasions as my racks fell with hot food on them. I feel that these ranges should be recalled as they are unsafe. I believe that my oven should be replaced by different model. All of our appliances have come from Sears and has been that way over my adult lifetime. I have lost confidence in Sears as they do not stand behind their product. Because my warranty is expired, they do not feel that it is their responsibility any longer. Oh, by the way, I googled this and I have found others with the same problem with the same model! What a shame!