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  1. Home & Family I upgraded all my former Sears Appliances to newer Stainless Steel Appliances in 2010. All of the original appliances were still working great. I paid cash up front for everything...many thousands of dollars. The first washer I bought ended up being defective, I then found out it was a discontinued color and couldn 't be replaced. I was not about to have a mismatched set, so I decided to go with another set. Instead of exchanging, Sears made me return them, and then repurchase another W/D!?!? I bought Kenmore Elite Front Loads in a gorgeous Ginger Color. Since I am disabled I needed them on pedestals, but the pedestals had to be ordered. When the pedestals arrived, the technician actually took the New Washer outside and turned it upside down to attach the pedestal!?! When I told him he couldn't do that, he told me he was a professional and new what he was doing and for me to go back inside. Needless to say, when they brought the machine back in the house and turned it on, the drum almost launched out of it like a rocket! I was furious. I had to wait for a replacement, and when that came and was attached to the pedestal, I made sure to tell the technician that my plumbing in my laundry room is reversed. So he needed to make sure he hooked up the Hot and Cold to the correct outlets. After he left I attempted to do laundry and was shocked to find that the Sanitize Cycle was coming out ice cold. I didn't have anything but Hot Water rinses. I contacted Sears, and was told for the past 3 years, that I basically didn't know what I was talking about, that I just wasn't used to how the machine actually operated, that it alternated Hot and Cold throughout wash cycles, and that even if the technician had set up the water hoses reversed, the machine had a sensor override that would fix that problem. 3 YEARS LATER....I finally had to pay $300. to have a technician come out and confirm that I was completely right, the hoses were reversed, and that the actual Kenmore model I have doesn't have the built in sensor!?!? 3 Years of frustration, humiliation, intimidation, un-necessary stress as I was already undergoing major health issues and surgeries, sky high electric and water bills from having to manually operate the machines, and destroyed clothing from colors being scorched with hot water. When all Sears had to do, was listen to their customer, send out a technician to recheck the installation, and problem would have been solved. Instead the arrogant and ignorant representatives that I spoke with on and off for the past 3 years, really didn't care if I was happy or not, they just weren't about to send anyone over to fix the problem unless I agreed to pay up front (although it was under warranty)....instead they just preferred to think I was some dumb blonde who just didn't understand the new technology!?!?!?