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  1. Outdoors Why does Sears executives not resolve issues pertaining to defaulty items. Mine is a Craftman Mower, I have had two technicians out to work on my mower and each time they put a new belt on and leave, that is a new belt two wks a part. I called corporate at 1-847-286-2500 and spoke to two case worker assigned to me Nina ext **, Candice, Ext **. They work for the CEO, Mr. Johnson. Candice had origianlly told me to let the tech come back out and to call the GM the next day to exchange. When that came time, He couldnt get ot our house until 7:00 pm so we had to cancel. so two weeks later when the tech was coming again, I called Mark the GM of the Sears Depot in Hendersonville Tn who is awesome. He had no idea what I was talking about and told me to call case manager. He would exchange if Mr. Johnsons office would give the ok because he feels terrible. I called the case manager and there were not any notes about the exchange or the notes from the third time the tech was supose to be here told us Craftsman had defaulty motors and he was going to replace..nothing is documented. I was notified the day mark told me to call that Nina would call me back. Nobody did. The next day Candice did who by the way is extremely unprofessional. As we were talking she abrubtly yells that I'm being recorded, what the ****! So are you I told her, she goes on to tell me she didnt give me permission. lol as i didnt give her any to mine. This is how unprofessional this company is, my mower is still broke and nobody from corporate cares. they had the switch board pick up and hang up a dozen times. When do I get a working mower?

  2. Outdoors I recently posted a question on how i can reach a Ceo or President over my intense issue I'm having over my riding lawn mower. Case number 6453565

  3. Home & Family How do I get somebody from corporate to contact me?