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  1. Outdoors I bought an item online thru sears.com didnt know it was a 3rd party vendor order my order never got past processing called numerous times spent hours on the phone finally learned that sears couldnt locate who the the third party vendor was and it seemed very unlikely that they will be able to complete this order so i then decided to cancel the order since it was suppose to be delivered on Dec 21 and that day came and went well it has now been 4 days since i cancelled my order and and sears has been unable to complete my request to cancel i called numerous times and they keep saying they need more time to verify the cancellation and wont give me anytime frame as to when i will be credited back the charge they cant complete the cancellation until they verify with the 3rd party vendor ok so quick review sears took my order sent it ot processing it never got out of processing found out they didnt know who the vendor was and couldnt get the order to processing since they had no idea who was going to send the oder and now they cant cancel the order until they verify the order thru the 3rd party vendot that they have no idea who it is ok what are you guys missing besides any common sense