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  1. Home & Family Any new info on pictures??? Last I was told is that ALL orders were to be in stores by Friday. Well, our store got none in, still have a ton of orders not filled and the ladt I talked to through customer service says she sees my name on the master list PROVING my pictures were processed. Soooooo, where does this leave me?!?!

  2. Home & Family When I asked a question on here 1 1/2 wks ago about pictures, I was told they would be sent out with in the week. Then I called the Sears hotline and they told me Last Friday. When I went to Sears they said no one knows what they are talking about. Do you have any new updates for me??? My pictures are now 16 days late!

  3. Home & Family It is pretty sad when I can even get a response from this website either! I have been trying to ask if there is another way to contact anyone from the picture place. I have tried the CPI #, the 866#, the local # and NO ONE is there to take the call. I have been on hold the entire time, which was over an hour twice. I wish the voice on the machine would have just said no one is here instead of average wait time is 5 mins...Can someone please help me!! I have also sent MANY emails, but again, no one is around. I just want to make sure pictures are still coming because we are now on 10 days late!

  4. Home & Family I have tried to call the 866# and local # to find out how much longer on pictures. I have even emailed them almost every other day. My pictures are now 9 days late and just want to know if there is any other place that SOMEONE might be around to see how much longer? My SEARS managers all know something different, which makes me feel like they are lying as they go to make customers leave them alone!!

  5. Home & Family I had pictures taken at sears and then they closed. NO ONE can tell me where my already paid for pictures are? I want to figure out where they are, they are my daughter's 1st bday, something I can never get back!